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How to Marry a Thai in Singapore

You should refer to here - Please spend some time to go through and understand the information on that section (legal provision, other information, filing of notice, solemnization and etc), if your still not sure, feel free to drop a comment here or you can use their FAQ . The ROM website did a really good job of putting together the information that you need in a well-organized manner. I've done it once and I think the guide is very easy to follow. The only hiccup I've had with my marriage is during the  Appointment for verification & Statutory Declaration where both of us were required to read out a wall of text and my wife had difficulty getting past the first few lines and the counter guy got fed up and told my wife to stop. Definitely my oversight as I didn't arrange for an interpreter beforehand but luckily, there was a licensed interpreter at the scene and we managed to get her to do the interpretation fo

Document Translation from Thai to English

Where to Translate Golden Mile Complex, Level 2 Royal Thai Embassy If I remember correctly, they charge around S$40-S$45 per page at Golden Mile but personally, I have not tried any of the above. I had my wife's documents translated at Professional Thai Linguistic Services. They charge S$30 per page e.g. birth cert, S$20 for a page with not many characters e.g. front and back of Thai ID card. If you are interested, following is more information. Professional Thai Linguistic Services 36B Hong Kong Street Holly Building Singapore 059675 Tel: +65 6774 2703 Fax: +65 6773 2778 Certification after Translation Note that the certification part is not specified on ICA website, as of publication of this article. Also note that according to one of my readers who did a translation recently, the Royal Thai Embassy in Singapore only accept submission on weekdays from 8am to 11am. After you receive the translated copy, according to ICA hotline, you need to g