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Lady on The River

In the middle of a river, the water still.
Where is this place, no one knows.
Resting on the boat, she looks at him.
Her skin is fair, and her lips are red.
She smiles faintly, and she seems happy.
Who is the man with her, just who is he...

Game Maker

There was a little boy who loved playing games so much that whenever his friends have a new game, he would run to them and join in. He would play card games, he would play board games, he would play video games, and he would play any games all day long.

One day he said to himself, “I’m going to become a game maker when I grow up and make the funnest games ever!” but he’s not sure how he can become a game maker and he asked the richest kid he knew, and so he asked Jim, “How do i become a game maker?” and Jim said, “My dad buys me all the games I want, I don’t need to know that.”

The little boy didn’t get the the answer that he needed and he asked the smartest kid he knew, and so he asked Eddy, “How do i become a game maker?” and Eddy said, “My dad buys me a new game whenever I do well in school, I don’t need to know that.”

Again, he didn’t get the answer that he needed and he asked everyone that he knew but no one gave him the answer, and so, he stopped asking.

Many years later into h…

Diablo III Open Beta Weekend

If you are not aware, and you love Diablo games, and you have mysteriously stumbled upon this page after a busy day, please go to this webpage and download a game client. Blizzard, the creator of the Diablo series is now offering a Diablo III Open Beta Weekend.

It's open to everyone.

What you need is simply a account but if you don't have one, just create one at their site. And you'll also need to create a BattleTag after you have your account, very easy.

But as of the posting of this article, you can't login to play yet. You can only start playing on 20 Apr 12:01 PM PDT and the open beta ends on 23 Apr 10:00 AM PDT.

PDT = Pacific Daylight Time

No worries if you are not sure how to convert or know what the heck PDT is, just go to this webpage, look at the section on the right.

About 5 hours more... to play... Diablo III.

Genting Highlands Trip 01 Apr 2012 - 06 Apr 2012


On 01 Apr, our 7.30am coach was slightly late as there were too many coaches competing for the tight parking space beside Golden Mile Complex. We finally boarded at about 7.40am and it was a quite a quick boarding since everyone was already waiting and we left at about 7.50am.

Our coach was Sri Maju Group SVIP 24 seater, and I purchased at The ticket price was 30 SGD plus 3 SGD surcharge and 2 SGD convenience fee, so total cost of one ticket was 35 SGD.

When we were about to reach Singapore customs, we were told to leave our belongings on the coach and bring only valuables and passport for clearance. At Malaysia customs, we had to bring everything to crossover. For our return trip, it's the other way round, leave everything onboard at Malaysia customs, and bring everything to crossover back to Singapore. Just to share, if anyone is wondering.

The entire ride was fine and I must emphasize that they have comfortable seats. They had an LCD TV onboard and I tho…