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A leader's job is not to provide answers?

Then what is a leader's job?
If we give answers, will the government listen?
And if we are supposed to give the answers, then vote you in for what?
We pay tax for your salary for what?
Shocked, disappointed and disgusted.

Pay Singapore Income Tax via POSB iBanking

You can choose to pay either referencing TAX REF NO. or PYMT VOUCHER NO.,

For TAX REF NO., actually it's your NRIC,

For PYMT VOUCHER NO. (you have to get this number from,

For my case, took two days for Account Summary to be updated. Very convenient.

Get Rick Quick Playing Diablo 3

It depends on how one defines rich, but by my standard, I can't get rich by playing Diablo 3.

I have been playing since launch on 15 May but I'm no hardcore player. I played for a total of about 300 hours from all my characters combined, farmed up quite a bit of items to sell on the RMAH but as you can see here, I'm not earning much. Over the course of 20 days of selling, I made 191.56 Singapore Dollars (less 6 SGD; 2x$3 refunds for confirming paypal account info), which works out to about $9.55 per day. It's not much because my job actually pays me way more than that.

For a entertainment product, I think I got more than what I paid for. Just want to say this, just play this game as a game, don't play it for the sake of making money, the amount of time invested just doesn't make any sense.

As I have always said to in-game players, good luck and have fun!

Diablo 3 RMAH Profit