22 October 2012

Exercising Financial Prudence Tip #1 - Use a Cheap Phone

I'm currently using a Nokia 1280, and I bought it for 30 Singapore dollars at a neighbourhood shop. There are shops in People's Park Centre selling for 26.80, so for those interested, you might want to check it out.

It's a basic phone, cheap and useful, and there are two outstanding features:
1. Torchlight - press center pad up twice to switch on, up once to switch off.
2. Speaking alarm - set a time, when alarm goes off, phone tells you the time.

And one other thing I like about this phone, it's durable, doesn't stop my heart when I drop it, I know it won't break ;)

Nokia 1280 - Black

In Singapore, I think most people sign up for a mobile subscription plan, the contract requires one to stay on that plan for 2 years and for your commitment, telcos will offer mobile phones at a much lower rate. So for me, I get a plan that suits me, and I get a phone with a high market value and sell it brand new, or I get a phone at 0 dollars.

If you want to save even more, consider using pre-paid card instead, because if you just want to stay contactable but you don't call much, there's no point paying more for a subscription plan.

Personally, I think smart phones are more of a luxury item than a necessity. So think about it, if your holding a smart phone, why not sell it and get a cheaper phone!

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