22 January 2013

There's No Need to Set a Price to Everything

Last year, a co-worker asked for my help with her printer at home, she said she bought it and installed according to the manual but she had no idea why it's still not working. She asked me what can go wrong, and I told her that I cannot advise further without taking a look at the printer, the connection and etc, so I offered to check it out during my lunchtime, and good thing is that her house is only a few bus stops away from our workplace.

So we took a bus to her house together, when I was about to swipe my EZ-Link card, she offered to use hers instead; she had two cards, I think one is for backup.

When I arrived, I did some basic checking, plugs checked, driver installed checked, and found that there was no problem. Actually her default printer is some other printer, maybe it's her old printer, I asked her to try to do a printing like what she would normally do, and yeah, she just printed without selecting the printer, which means she was trying to print to a non-existent printer. I set the default printer to the new printer and asked her to try again, problem solved.

Well, she did everything correct except the default printer thingy.

Then she asked me to wait in her living room so I waited and she went inside her room again. When she came out, she took out a S$50 note and wanted me to take it, then I was thinking wow, S$50 to set the default printer, real easy money huh. But I rejected it, I told her it's a very simple issue, not really a problem; she didn't ask me what was the cause so I didn't say.

I've worked with this lady for almost 6 years, she can be a bit tough to deal with sometimes but she's quite nice to me so I really don't mind helping her for free, even if it was something more complex.

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