20 March 2013

Sold My SingPost Shares

I sold my 5000 shares of SingPost yesterday at S$1.22, and today it went up to S$1.225, cheesecake. Nevertheless, I still made a profit and I'm thinking of what to do with this cash of S$6,221.41. Which stock is worth buying now? I'm looking at M1, Sheng Siong or SATS; M1 and Sheng Siong are now trading with dividend , M1 paying out in April and Sheng Siong in May. But I like Sheng Siong and SATS more.

Sheng Siong because me and my wife shop there quite often, their branch at Bedok Reservoir, it's a very local supermarket, you need anything local or Southeast Asian, you'll find it there. I also find their price to be very competitive. Their counter staff are also very friendly.

SATS because they are huge and government-linked (via Venezio to Temsasek), sometimes they give out crazy dividends, and when I went back for my reservist recently, I realized our army cookhouse are now managed by SATS Food, and the food is decent, much better than during the times of Singapore Food Industries.

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