29 April 2013

挂羊头卖牛肉 - Selling Beef Under the Guise of Mutton


3 stalls at Ayer Rajah Food Centre were selling beef as mutton. Personally, I can eat anything so it's not a big deal to me, but I know there are people who are not allowed to consume beef due to their religion, just imagine the kind of shock waiting for them when they learn of this news.
Madam Semi Sagi, 36, owner of a nasi ayam stall, said: "A fine or a warning would be enough, this is not right."
The stall owners were fined S$3000 each and their licenses revoked, I agree that it's quite extreme to revoke their licenses, but then again, they were deceiving customers. I think everybody has the right to know exactly what they are paying for, they can't just lie to people.

And these hawkers are planning to meet their member of parliament, I wonder what he/she can do for them, they cheat people and they still have the cheek to ask their MP for help.
Another hawker, who declined to be named, said: "NEA can't just come down and do this. If this happened to me, I'll go to their office and meet up with them."
Well, they are the authority, there are regulations, but even if there are no authority and regulations, does this hawker think that it is okay to cheat people?


At first I was sympathizing with them, but after reading some of the hawkers response, I feel quite pissed off and now I have to freely speak my mind, they speak as if they did nothing wrong, they speak as if it is okay to sell beef as mutton to people who paid good money for it, they speak as if when they do something wrong, all they need to do is look for their MP or go knocking at NEA office but so what? Wrong means wrong, you are punished because you deceived customers, period.

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