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Appointment at SGH Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) Centre

Our appointment was at 10.20am and we reached there at about 10.45am due to a traffic jam; we took a taxi. When we reached there, we registered and waited outside the doctor's room, then a nurse did a basic health check for my wife, took her weight and asked her to do a pregnancy test. After that, we were told that my wife needed an ultrascan as she is pregnant, by the way, that's the 4th time we did the pregnancy test, and of course, it's positive. We waited a really long time for the scan, but when it started, it was quite interesting. As my wife is only about one month pregnant, there's really nothing much to see, actually we find it weird as to why they requested for the scan. Anyway, the specialist couldn't see anything if she scanned from the tummy so she had to insert a long and thick electronic penis into my wife's vagina. She even put on two pieces of condoms on the device... From the scan, the baby is about the size of a bean, very small, even the

So Gain City Came Today to Fix My Aircon

And they didn't really fix it. They did a check, opened up the blowers, compressors, did some testing and found that there is a faulty part in the compressor and they have to order that part before they can fix my aircon. Sigh, and I thought I can enjoy my aircon tonight, and the weather looks hot now, I hope it rains later. Update: Yes! It's going to rain, and looks like one heavy downpour! Dark Sky

Singapore Ranks Number 4 for People with Long Life

Source And I thought Singapore is a darn stressful place and people usually die very young, but that news report seems to say otherwise, what the heck, sounds like bullshit. I mean look at my lifestyle, wake up, travel to work, wait for lunch, wait to go home, travel back home, have dinner, park myself in front of the computer, sleep, repeat for 5 days, and all these for what? Money, because without money, it's like a car without fuel, a bird with no wings, a football game with no football, you know, the key component, driving force. And I'm grumbling, I know there are people who work more hours than me, for example retail staff, 10 or 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, even working on public holidays. But then again, what's the point of thinking so much, as long as a person is associated with money, I think that person will be very tired, even if he or she is financially free, that person has merely moved on to the next level of tiredness, you see, who doesn't want

Triple Confirmed, My Wife is Pregnant

So she took a test on 25 May, the test line on the test kit was vaguely pink so we weren't very sure. This morning, she did the test again, the line was clearer and to be even more sure, we went to Tampines Polyclinic, and when we reached there, I saw the renovation works and suddenly I remember it's closed until June, damn, so we went to a nearby GP instead. Test result for this morning We ran the test again at the GP, I thought he was going to use something different, actually it's the same kind of technology, just different brand, and same result, positive, so he wrote a letter for us to go back to polyclinic because they have my wife's prescription and medical records and he also mentioned that since my wife is on Warfarin, her case is much more complexed and it's beyond what he can do, that we can understand; we've seen doctors in polyclinic who scratched their heads when dealing with my wife's case. I think he is a very nice guy, at first he s

Changed My EZ-Link Card to NETS FlashPay for Free!

My EZ-Link card was peeling off so I went to an MRT station to ask for a replacement, and I was expecting to pay. Then the lady offered to change my card to NETS FlashPay for free. See, isn't it pretty... Front View Back View

Is Blogger Dynamic View Easy to Use?

I have been playing around with some free custom templates and it seems like they all take some configuration to use. I'm currently using the premade template from blogger and it's called Dynamic View, looks easy to use to me but not sure about my visitors. If anyone of you have any suggestion, please let me know, I'm really lousy at design.

My Aircon is Not Working Again!

Oh great, it's not cold again, so it completely went down on 12 May, and then they fixed it on 21 May by topping up the gas, they did say it was an interim measure and they would arrange another visit to determine the location of the gas leak because they did not have the equipment nor spare part, and they did call the next day to arrange for a visit, which is supposed to be this coming Friday, 31 May. Now I have to get them to come and top up the gas again. Sigh, so troublesome, why can't they just quickly fix the problem once and for all. I really hope they can eradicate the problem this coming Friday, they better bring along their whatever equipment and spare part, how can their service staff go to customer site without equipment and spare part, don't get it, I thought they have a van. Gain City, thank you, while I appreciate you for selling me the aircon at discount price coupled with some freebies, but your support is slow, I hope you improve on this or you'll

Things to Consider When Buying Aircon

After going through that gruelling 9 nights without aircon, it kept me thinking about my next aircon purchase. I'm definitely not going to buy from Gain City, reason being they did not run the pipes properly for me resulting in a gas leak. Even though it took about 1 year 10 months to be completely drained of gas resulting in that last failure, it's still not acceptable. My colleague is using Daikin aircon, everything from installation to maintenance was done by the company and in his 3 years of usage, there was only one breakdown and it was due to a known bug in the compressor's motherboard, and of course it was replaced with no cost. And it took 9 days for them to come down here to fix my problem, that's too long, I appreciate the fact that they fixed the problem but it's just too much. I'll probably buy Daikin, my colleague seems like a happy user, and my China colleagues keep telling me Daikin is the most expensive brand of aircon in China, probably becaus

What If I Win Lottery?

I bet most people will ask themselves this question at least once in their lifetime. So what if I win? Let's say S$1 million. I will dump it all in government-linked stocks with at least 5% dividend yield, without considering the trading fees, the rough return is S$50,000 a year, and I don't have to do anything, every year I'll get paid. I asked my wife what she will do if she have that kind of money, she say she will help people in need, gosh, not that I'm against helping people in need but I think before we help others, we should help ourselves first i.e. achieve financial independence and then help with whatever spare cash. Having S$1 million in cash doesn't mean I will be financially free, it just mean that I have that kind of money to spend, question is how long can it last if I keep spending? So it's better to setup passive income, dividend stock is a very good choice. Daydreaming on a public holiday is kind of silly huh.

My Thoughts on Investing in Lottery (TOTO)

Recently I have been reading quite a lot on lottery winners, about how lady luck smiled on them and about how some of them lost all the money so quickly. Then I thought, if I had that kind of money, I would probably not tell anyone, and I would invest all of it in stocks and just collect dividends. I would keep my job though, a person simply cannot sit around and do nothing all day, you could say if I had that kind of money, I could start a business or tour the world to keep myself busy but those are not what I like to do. Then it struck me, if I never buy, chance of winning is zero, then what's the point of daydreaming about it. So acting on my justification, I bought a number for 4D and 2 sets of quick pick numbers for TOTO, all for S$2. Just checked and my 4D number didn't win, now waiting for tomorrow to check my TOTO numbers. I think I would probably try my luck every week, buy S$1 at a time, so I would end up spending S$4 a month, which is really not much. I feel like

My Aircon is Finally Working Again!

Let's recap, it all started on 11 May when I noticed that it wasn't cold and I had to switch it off and on again for it to work but that didn't last long. The following night, there's no cold air coming from the unit, not even the one in my parents room. We also tried switching on the one in our living room but it's not cold as well. By the way, we are running a Sharp system 3 inverter setup. So I told my mom to call Gain City because we bought everything from them; from running of cables to installation. Unfortunately, they were fully booked until today, and luckily, the guy who came today managed to solve our problem, but not entirely. Initially he suggested to clean the aircon as he suspected it might be due to dirt and mold but my mom told him that we cleaned the unit only recently, actually it was cleaned about 6 months ago but anyway, we are sure it's not due to dirt because for the unit in our living room, I think we switched it on no more than 3 time

New Free to Play MMORPG Neverwinter!

Site Download Found out about this game last week and have been playing for a while, I'm a level 10 Control Wizard! Very cool game, feels like World of Warcraft (WOW) but the gameplay is much different, it's got a First Person Shooter (FPS) feel to it because you need to aim to attack, not like in WOW where you select a target and your character will auto-attack. It's also got tons of quest, there's even player-made quests and the graphics is good, but I think they are still working on it as it gets a little choppy sometimes but it's not that bad. Must try, and it's free! Oh and don't create an account first, download the game and create through the game's login screen so you won't see those silly errors that I encountered, what a waste of time! See, isn't it pretty! My Level 10 Control Wizard

What Causes Pain?

Why does she cry so much he asks himself, as her cries pulls him out of his concentration of trying to write something, what is he trying to write? He is writing this story, as he questions why, why does she cry so much. Is it due to pain? Does pain cause a person to cry? He doesn't cry when he is in pain, why is that so? What can make him cry? How long has it been since he last cried? But does pain really make a person cry? Or perhaps it's just because she is a baby, but does that mean a person should cry in pain? What causes pain then?

Singaporean and Foreigner Couple Can Buy New Flat (BTO) from HDB with Singaporean Baby

Recently I chatted with a colleague of mine and we spoke about how HDB flat prices are getting more and more expensive. I told him I definitely won't buy resale flat because of the COV and will wait for my baby and then apply for BTO. He was aware that my wife is not a PR so he was quite surprised that I can apply for BTO. I was surprised that he was surprised, I thought everybody knew that because the eligibility conditions for new flats are put out very clearly. New Flat Eligibility Citizenship You must be a Singapore Citizen - I am. Your family nucleus must comprise at least another Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident - My baby will be Singaporean. Age You must be at least 21 years old at the time of application - I am currently older than 21. Family Nucleus You must form a family nucleus under one of the following schemes: Scheme Family Nucleus Public You, the applicant and; - your spouse, and children (if any) - Me, my wife and baby. - your pare

May is Definitely One of The Hottest Month in Singapore

I wonder when it will rain and I can't remember when was the last time it rained, I just can't take the heat anymore, and the aircon is not working, even two fans aren't solving my problem, the heat is just unbearable, even at night. How can it be so hot, I can feel the heat surrounding me, it's like the air is still, no wind at all, ok there's the occasional breeze but it dies out too fast to make any difference. Tonight is 31 Degrees Celsius according to Google, that's like daytime temperature, what the f... I remember it can get as hot as 38 Degrees Celsius in the day when I was at my wife's house but it was freezing at night, I don't know how cold it was but I had to tuck myself into a thick blanket to stay warm. I think that's the good thing about farmlands, they don't have tall buildings to block the air flow, look at here, tall buildings everywhere, my house for example, wind can only come from one direction because it's blocked ever

Help! Another Super Hot Night!

My aircon is really faulty since yesterday night, I think the compressor is not working as all the aircon in my house is not cold. What a bad timing! 31 Degrees Celsius And tonight is 31 Degrees Celsius, oh crap! The servicing guys can only come earliest on 21 May, one more week to go... I hope it rains soon...

What a Super Hot Night!

Yesterday night was hot as well, at 29 degrees, tonight is 30! 30 Degrees Celsius I thought my air-con was malfunctioning as I set it to auto mode which will detect the current room temperature and lower it by 2 degrees celsius, which is still warm. I am now manually setting it to 20 degrees celsius, phew, what a hot night.

Phone Scam in Malaysia

Source Why do people so easily part with their hard-earned money, I think this lady transferred out of fear but I think she should have checked with someone before transferring the money, at least check with her husband. S$29,000 is so much money, all gone with two phone calls, sigh.

Lucky Draw Scams in Singapore

Source Jan 2013 to March 2013 19 cases reported of which 8 were successful. S$410,000 were cheated. Jan 2012 to Dec 2012 327 cases reported of which 181 were successful. S$7,400,000 were cheated. Wow, that's a lot of money lost to scammers, how can people be so stupid? Just think about it, if you didn't participate in any lucky draw, or even if you did, is it the same one? Whatever it is, which lucky draw require you to pay money to claim money? Remember this, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is". "Police say so far, biggest single amount cheated in such lucky draw scams was some S$1.127 million in June 2011." That scammer must be laughing his head off.

Planning for a 2014 Baby

We were trying to conceive since 06 May 2013, now the question is how long does it take for a woman to get pregnant. This question is not as easy as finding out the menstrual cycle of a woman as it varies widely for different couples. I can only hope by next month we have good news, but last night, I heard my wife saying that her breasts are getting painful and she just finished her menstruation, I think that's good news? Let's see.

Straits Times Index Broke 3400 and Uptrend Likely to Continue

Source US, China and Europe is doing well and everybody gets a ride from them. And there is not much noise from the North Koreans, I think they are all talk and no action, to be correct, they can't do anything. I wonder how high can this wave go.

Before You Buy a Car, Read This Article

Source What the writer is saying is that if I don't buy a car, I can save a lot of money and if I know how to put that extra money to good use i.e. investment, I can turn it into more money. I totally agree. Buying a car in Singapore is like burning your money away, well, it's easy for me to say when I can't afford a car but if I do have that extra disposable income, I would rather dump it all into investment and let it grow, even at a modest rate, at least it's growing.

Children Fighting Over a HDB Flat After Father's Death

Source What a shame, if the old man know about this, he would jump out from his grave and beat some sense into these brats, ok, I'm not sure about him but I would. I know it's a 5-room HDB flat, it's worth a lot of money but that's no way to handle it, they even have to enter legal proceedings to determine who should own the flat, oh boy. Singapore has really become a rich country, so has the people here, getting richer in the head, blinded by money, can't we just be nice and talk it out harmoniously, and by the way, their 91 years old mother is still alive, they even dragged her into the court battle, bunch of ingrates. Why don't they just leave the house to their mother? Fight for what? It's her retirement nest, just leave it to her, and let her decide how to pass it on should she leave this world, why make her life so difficult, I seriously cannot understand what goes on in the minds of people blinded by greed.

Singapore Service Standard is Getting Worse

Source Customer: hi Conti, Regarding the Aero Frame, is the STIX logo embedded with the frame or can it be peeled off? Shop Representative: Can you di*k be peeled off? If yes, then our STIX logo can be peeled off... If you are wondering which Conti ... It was posted on STOMP, and oh boy, look at the comments... Bikers97 said   on 4 May, 2013 Since when can we peeled off the logo of the bike? haha dumbass..  kingkull said   on 4 May, 2013 Queer question from the student as well, Student can google porn but not do primary research for a prospective purchase. I've never asked any shop about stripping a label BEFORE i bought it. That is equally rude, isn't it? ghost_soldier said   on 4 May, 2013 Is just a local Singaporean joke. Some more he is so stupid. Just peeled yrself lah or google more about peeled that logo can or cannot. If person msg the way to me I say wtf lol!!!! Terrible.

SMRT Losing Money

Source On 30 Apr 2013, SMRT posted a whopping S$12.049 million loss for the period of Jan 2013 to Mar 2013 and today, the market responded to that and their stock price dropped more than 4% to close at S$1.415, lowest point since Jun 2009. I looked closely at their financial statement and their staff costs caught my attention. From Apr 2012 to Mar 2013, they spent S$395.161 million on staff costs, for the same period one year earlier, they spent S$340.141 million on staff costs, that's a S$55.02 million difference. Now we look at all of their expenses, from Apr 2012 to Mar 2013, they spent a total of S$1045.569 million, compared to the same period one year earlier, S$930.588 million, S$ 114.981 million difference. 55.02 / 114.981 * 100 = 47.85% Just the staff costs alone takes up a massive 47.85% of their total increased expenses! If I remember correctly, I think they started to assign more staff at each of their stations in Jan 2012, after the chain of train disruptions

Straits Times Index Hold Steady Above 3300 Points

It is slowly but surely heading back to where it was before the financial crisis of 2008 and I wonder what can get in the way. I think the main thing to look out for now is the situation in the Korean Peninsula, the question is, will war break out? But the most important thing is, if war really breaks out, will the USA take part? Will China take part? As we all know, Singapore has close trade relations with both the US and China, and the value is in the billions each year. If the US decided to take part in the conflict, it only means that they will spend more money, and they are already in so much debt so it's going to be a major blow to their economy, and it will impact other economies working closely with them i.e. Singapore. I don't believe they are not aware of this so I bet they are taking cautious steps too. As for North Korea, I don't think they will start the war, just count her allies, I think the only country she can count on is China but even the second super