31 May 2013

Appointment at SGH Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) Centre

Our appointment was at 10.20am and we reached there at about 10.45am due to a traffic jam; we took a taxi. When we reached there, we registered and waited outside the doctor's room, then a nurse did a basic health check for my wife, took her weight and asked her to do a pregnancy test.

After that, we were told that my wife needed an ultrascan as she is pregnant, by the way, that's the 4th time we did the pregnancy test, and of course, it's positive. We waited a really long time for the scan, but when it started, it was quite interesting. As my wife is only about one month pregnant, there's really nothing much to see, actually we find it weird as to why they requested for the scan. Anyway, the specialist couldn't see anything if she scanned from the tummy so she had to insert a long and thick electronic penis into my wife's vagina. She even put on two pieces of condoms on the device...

From the scan, the baby is about the size of a bean, very small, even the doctor said it was too early, but well, seems like everything's fine so far, but we were told that we need to go to this High Risk Clinic on Monday to speak with their heart doctor because my wife is on Warfarin.

Finally, we collected the prescription at about 2pm, so the whole thing took quite a while, but we also went for a quick lunch at around 12.30pm.

So today I paid,
S$177.75 for first-time consultation under senior consultant (109 before gst) and ultrascan (57.12 before gst).
S$1.60 for 30 days supply of folic acid.

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