21 May 2013

My Aircon is Finally Working Again!

Let's recap, it all started on 11 May when I noticed that it wasn't cold and I had to switch it off and on again for it to work but that didn't last long. The following night, there's no cold air coming from the unit, not even the one in my parents room. We also tried switching on the one in our living room but it's not cold as well. By the way, we are running a Sharp system 3 inverter setup.

So I told my mom to call Gain City because we bought everything from them; from running of cables to installation. Unfortunately, they were fully booked until today, and luckily, the guy who came today managed to solve our problem, but not entirely.

Initially he suggested to clean the aircon as he suspected it might be due to dirt and mold but my mom told him that we cleaned the unit only recently, actually it was cleaned about 6 months ago but anyway, we are sure it's not due to dirt because for the unit in our living room, I think we switched it on no more than 3 times, and we didn't use it at all after our last cleaning so logically, it shouldn't fail due to dirt. And all 3 units shouldn't be failing at the same time due to dirt!

So he took a look at our compressor and then brought in some gas pump thingy and topped up the gas, after that, he tested all 3 units and all are working fine. His conclusion is that there could be a gas leak somewhere but he does not have the equipment to test today nor does he have the spare part to perform replacement so he will arrange another visit to run a thorough check.

I don't know what will happen next but I'm glad I can finally get some cool air, for now, anyway it's not that hot tonight, Google is showing 27 Degrees Celsius, but who cares, I have my aircon now HAHAHA.

Payment-wise, they didn't charge a single cent because our aircon is still under their warranty, according to my mom, for the coming check, it should be free too, well if that's the case, I think buying from Gain City seems like not bad, glad I got that extra warranty coverage, it was free though, some packaged offer with freebies at Expo. I'm not advertising for them, make your own decision!

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