29 May 2013

Singapore Ranks Number 4 for People with Long Life


And I thought Singapore is a darn stressful place and people usually die very young, but that news report seems to say otherwise, what the heck, sounds like bullshit.

I mean look at my lifestyle, wake up, travel to work, wait for lunch, wait to go home, travel back home, have dinner, park myself in front of the computer, sleep, repeat for 5 days, and all these for what? Money, because without money, it's like a car without fuel, a bird with no wings, a football game with no football, you know, the key component, driving force.

And I'm grumbling, I know there are people who work more hours than me, for example retail staff, 10 or 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, even working on public holidays.

But then again, what's the point of thinking so much, as long as a person is associated with money, I think that person will be very tired, even if he or she is financially free, that person has merely moved on to the next level of tiredness, you see, who doesn't want more money, more money won't hurt, so people will always try to aim for more, it's human nature, there is no such thing call enough.

Add the above to living in Singapore, it's even worse, everything here costs money, and everything is getting expensive, but salary don't get much higher, actually I'm still doing fine, I have to wonder how people who earn far less get by, that's why I really respect those who can live with much lesser than me.

Enough grumbling, back to reality.

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