04 May 2013

Singapore Service Standard is Getting Worse


Customer: hi Conti, Regarding the Aero Frame, is the STIX logo embedded with the frame or can it be peeled off?
Shop Representative: Can you di*k be peeled off? If yes, then our STIX logo can be peeled off...

If you are wondering which Conti...

It was posted on STOMP, and oh boy, look at the comments...

Bikers97 said   on 4 May, 2013
Since when can we peeled off the logo of the bike? haha dumbass.. 

kingkull said   on 4 May, 2013
Queer question from the student as well, Student can google porn but not do primary research for a prospective purchase.

I've never asked any shop about stripping a label BEFORE i bought it. That is equally rude, isn't it?

ghost_soldier said   on 4 May, 2013
Is just a local Singaporean joke. Some more he is so stupid. Just peeled yrself lah or google more about peeled that logo can or cannot. If person msg the way to me I say wtf lol!!!!


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