31 May 2013

So Gain City Came Today to Fix My Aircon

And they didn't really fix it. They did a check, opened up the blowers, compressors, did some testing and found that there is a faulty part in the compressor and they have to order that part before they can fix my aircon. Sigh, and I thought I can enjoy my aircon tonight, and the weather looks hot now, I hope it rains later.

Update: Yes! It's going to rain, and looks like one heavy downpour!

Dark Sky


Darryl Iorio said...

Meticulously check your AC before having it repaired to ensure that the damaged part will be replaced. Technicians don't just replace parts and tell that the AC is already functioning again. I believe they wanted to remove the broken part and replace it with a new one. Anyway, I hope your AC is already fixed now! :)

Darryl Iorio

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks for the advise, they came yesterday to fix a leak inside the compressor, it worked well last night, I really hope it doesn't break down tonight *cross fingers*

Kim Ok said...

It's been months now, and I'm sad to see your post regarding the broken AC again. I believe you have to ask them if the AC needs to be replaced instead of getting repaired. Constant failures can be a sign that your unit needs to take some rest from it's beloved duty. Anyway, how's your aircon unit now? :)

Kim Ok @ OneHourAirWestPasco.com

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Kim,

My aircon is working ok now, a bit noisy sometimes though, sigh, old things do get a little big cranky ;)