25 May 2013

Things to Consider When Buying Aircon

After going through that gruelling 9 nights without aircon, it kept me thinking about my next aircon purchase. I'm definitely not going to buy from Gain City, reason being they did not run the pipes properly for me resulting in a gas leak. Even though it took about 1 year 10 months to be completely drained of gas resulting in that last failure, it's still not acceptable. My colleague is using Daikin aircon, everything from installation to maintenance was done by the company and in his 3 years of usage, there was only one breakdown and it was due to a known bug in the compressor's motherboard, and of course it was replaced with no cost.

And it took 9 days for them to come down here to fix my problem, that's too long, I appreciate the fact that they fixed the problem but it's just too much. I'll probably buy Daikin, my colleague seems like a happy user, and my China colleagues keep telling me Daikin is the most expensive brand of aircon in China, probably because it's great? I don't know, no matter which brand, just not going to buy from Gain City.

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