04 June 2013

Can Use Medisave to Pay for Pre-Delivery Expenses... Really?

This is covered under Marriage and Parenthood Scheme.
This is the FAQ.

I feel very disappointed and irritated when I read this part in the FAQ,
What is Medisave Maternity Package and its purpose?
Medisave may be used for maternity expenses. This includes expenses incurred during delivery and pre-delivery medical expenses such as consultations, ultrasounds, tests, medications, etc. Under the Medisave Maternity Package, up to $450 may be withdrawn for pre-delivery expenses when claimed together with delivery charges. All receipts for pre-delivery expenses must be submitted with the delivery charges for claims at the hospital.
It means that I can only claim up to S$450 for pre-delivery expenses, and I got to cough it all up in cash first, and I can only make the claim if the baby is delivered, wow. I don't understand, it's my money after all, why should I be bound to this kind of stupid rule, not as if I'm using it to do something silly.

If you read here and count only the medical charges at SGH, it all comes up to S$700+, and that's only for 2 visits. I understand that my wife is a special case, and she's a foreigner, but capped at S$450? Maybe for normal cases yes, maybe for Singaporean or PR women, then probably won't hit that amount since they are subsidized, but I don't know, how did they even come up with that fixed amount, why shouldn't it be variable?

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