Going Well at The Gynaecologist

We went to see the gynae today, he said the pregnancy is looking very good, he did a ultrascan for my wife and I can see that the egg is much bigger now, it's about 8.5 weeks old and I can see the heartbeat, it's a white coloured patch and it's pulsating, I was happy at that moment when he said "very good".

Then the doctor arranged for us to see a blood doctor on 26 Jul, not really sure what it's for but no harm getting more checks, I just want everything to go well. Finally the doctor prescribed more Enoxaparin and that's about it, can go home.

Today's spending:
S$69.55 for repeat consultation under consultant.
S$105.90 for 7 days of LMWH; 14 syringes.


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