PSI Reading Flew Through The Roof!

What the heck! 290! A bicycle almost ran into me when I was walking home just now, vision is poor, my eyes felt dry and irritated, I think everyone out there feels the same. Oh no... I am very curious what is going on in Sumatra, for such a high reading, what exactly is the damage? Let's see if I can find anything...

PSI and PM2.5 Readings

3-hour PSI Readings from 12AM to 12AM on 19 Jun 2013
3-hr PSI134-----7778808491103
3-hr PSI124152170172158146144161190290--
Hourly updates of 3-hr PSI readings are provided from 6am to 12midnight. The 3hr PSI readings are calculated based on PM10 concentrations only.
- See more at:

I managed to find this satelite image from Meteorological Service Singapore website, it was taken on 19 Jun 2013, 07:52 UTC, which is Singapore time 15:52.

Assuming it's a thermal image, the red spots should be what they call "Hot Spots", which also means those are really hot places; red is hottest, orange second, then yellow and so forth. And the orange-yellowish patch blanketing Singapore and almost reaching Malacca should be the haze. Great, so when is Indonesia going to "make rain"?


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