20 July 2013

New Blogger Makes it Easy to Add Google Analytics

Wanted to add more tracking to my blog as I found the tracking that comes with Blogger doesn't seem to provide enough information, yeah it has the basic but I wanted more.

I remember last time I tried using Google Analytics (GA), it was quite troublesome as I had to paste the tracking code on every page, if it's not on the page, it won't track that page, so if I have 100 pages, I have to make sure every page has it. Well, I could always use an include file or something similar, but provided I remember to include the file on that page.

Anyway, coming back to GA after a few years, and using Blogger, it's so much easier now. So how to add GA to Blogger?

First of all, obviously you need a Blogger and a GA account, so go create, by the way, this guide is meant for the new blogger interface and using the new template, I'm not sure of how to add GA to the old interface and classic templates so don't ask me.

So once you have your GA account, just click on the Admin button and you'll see a New Account button, click on that.

GA Admin and New Account buttons

Fill in the info!

Fill in the information according to your preferences, but most important thing is to make sure you fill in the correct Web Site URL e.g. marrythaigirlsingapore.blogspot.sg

After that, click on Get Tracking ID at the bottom, next you should see this screen,

Find your tracking ID

So now, you copy that ID, the entire thing, in my case it's UA-41943515-1, now log in to your Blogger and go to Settings > Other and at the bottom of the page you should see Google Analytics, just paste it there and your done.

Add tracking ID to Blogger

If you feel like checking whether the tracking code has indeed been installed, just go to your blog and view the source, then search for your tracking ID.

GA tracking installed successfully

And please take note that your site data will not immediately appear on GA, according to this Google Help page, it will take a few hours but within 24 hours so sit back and let the script do its job.

Oh, and I found this really cool feature where I can ensure the tracking code is actually working, just go to GA account then Reporting > Real-Time > Overview, it'll show you the number of visitors on your site like Right now, you see 1 in my case, and that's me ;)

GA real-time monitoring

Meh... how sad, I'm visiting myself...

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