23 July 2013

Urging Singapore Government to Review Medisave Coverage

I posted this in REACH, hope it will get their attention...

My wife is currently 11 weeks pregnant, she is a foreigner and she has a high-risk pregnancy. We have so far spent slightly over $2000 as pregnancy costs; consultation, ultrascan, cardiography, heparin, anti-xa assay and etc.

Currently, we are only allowed to claim up to $450 for pre-delivery expenses, but as you can see, I have already spent far more than that, and this $450 can only be claimed provided the baby is delivered, quoting from MOH FAQ:

Can  I claim Medisave for my pre-delivery medical expenses before i deliver?

You may claim Medisave for your pre-delivery medical expenses only when claimed together with your delivery. You should retain the bills incurred for  pre-delivery medical care and present them to the hospital where the delivery takes place. The hospital will submit these bills, together with the delivery expenses, for Medisave claims under the Medisave Maternity Package.

I just checked my Medisave and I have $18,786.40, but what's the point, even if I have 6-figure inside it's still useless to me, I cannot use it to pay for my wife's pregnancy costs, and I have to set aside cash for everything, can see cannot touch, not as if I am using it to go for holiday or to buy some fancy gadgets.

When I think about it, how does it even make any sense when Medisave is intended for healthcare and yet I have to put aside cash money for healthcare? Then why not give me back my medisave so I can put it to good use? Why hold on to my money? I don't understand, is the government trying to help people or are they trying to put obstacles in my way? Medisave as it is now is an obstacle to me, I don't see how it is helping me.

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