24 August 2013

KFC has Become Such a Disappointment

I haven't had the original KFC for a long time and so today I decided to try out their Ultimate Zinger Box which came with a Zinger burger, a whipped potato, a piece of original chicken and a soft drink of my choice, and I chose Mountain Dew. The meal costed me S$7.30 and the Zinger was okay, but I remember it used to be much bigger, whipped potato was the way I remembered, tasted quite good, well-peppered, nothing much to say about the soft drink, but the original chicken was bland, tasted like one of my mother's failed fried chicken experiment. I remember the first time I had KFC, which was a long time ago, they didn't have the spicy version, back then their original chicken was really good, well salted, truly finger lickin' good, and what I had today was a total disappointment.

Actually it was the spicy version of the chicken that killed the original recipe, when it first came out, it was immensely popular, I think everybody just switched and stuck to it, and if you visit any KFC restaurant, you will notice that they don't prepare too many original chicken, obviously because it's much less popular. The spicy version is quite good, but it's really oily, it gets overwhelming really fast. I still like the spring chicken that we have in our coffee shops, those are leaner, less oily, more tasty and cheaper, but I think the old original KFC is the best, but too bad they lost their touch.

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