14 August 2013

My Wife's Hospitalization Costs in Thailand

The billed amount was 15,333 Thai Baht and it was for:
  • 8 days of hospitalization in a 6-bedded ward.
  • 4x INR each day.
  • 1x Echo-cardiogram.
  • Fees for cleaning her up after her miscarriage.
  • Medication for during stay and after discharge.
For those of you wondering what INR is, it's a blood test to check whether a patient's Warfarin dosage is okay.

I gave her S$1300 when she left on 01 Aug, the exchange rate then was 1 SGD to 24 THB, so we'll base her hospitalization charges on that.

15,333 / 24 = S$638.87

It's just way cheaper than in Singapore, I remember I paid S$478 just for her Echo in Singapore, really a world of difference.

Anyway, next time round I will definitely send her back to Thailand once she is pregnant, and furthermore, her mom is always available to take care of her, she'll just suffer if she stays in Singapore, and I'll suffer financially.

So to all Singaporeans with foreign spouse out there, if your foreign spouse is pregnant, and if she does not have PR nor LTVP+, please do not follow-up nor deliver in Singapore, once she is 4-5 weeks pregnant, send her back to her hometown. Actually even if she has PR or LTVP+, it's still expensive if you compare to a Thai citizen seeking treatment in Thailand, healthcare costs in Singapore is simply obscene.

Yeah, I know there is this Marriage and Parenthood Scheme where the government allows you to claim from your Medisave account, but be warned, you can only claim up to S$450 for pre-delivery costs, and S$450 each day + the procedure + S$450 for delivery, you might think it's enough, yeah maybe when there is no complication, but if there is complication, the claim will not be able to cover for it and you will still have to fork out cash for any outstanding amount, obviously because there is a cap on how much you can claim, so it doesn't matter if you have 5 digits, 6 digits or even 7 digits in your Medisave, it's useless.

And I really find the whole Medisave thing very bullshit, actually the whole CPF thing is very bullshit, it's my account, I top it up monthly, but I don't get to fully utilize it when I need it, then why the heck do I even need to bother with something so useless? Might as well take out the money and put it in stocks, I can easily get minimum 6% return anytime, and if I need the money, I need only 4 days to liquidate, bam, money in my bank account.

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