27 September 2013

Even Burger King Knows to Appreciate National Service Men


Today they gave free burgers for the first 1000 NSmen, the rest get to buy at half price, not bad, even a fast food restaurant knows to appreciate what we've done, the burger is not a big deal but it touches my heart, I really hope more people would give a damn about National Service.

During my time, being in the Army means nothing, our salary makes our sacrifice look really stupid, I know we should have no complain serving our country but the salary is really pathetic, how can a soldier be paid less than a domestic helper? And then we get some CPF top-up, slightly more GST rebate, all of it doesn't really make up for our 2 or 2.5 years, it never will. Anyway, no point mulling excessively over it, if you got to serve, you got to serve, but it means a lot when people show that they appreciate our contribution.

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