Firms Must Try to Hire Singaporeans Before Trying to Hire Foreigner


Quite an extreme move, it's a Singaporean-first policy though, I think our government must have almost run out of moves to actually allow this ruling, seems like they would rather piss off companies than to piss off Singaporeans, this would surely get them more votes. In practice, I don't think this would work, reason is simple, based on this new ruling, companies would need to post on WDA job bank for 14 days showing that they tried to hire Singaporeans, so when Singaporeans apply, they probably won't get the interview, even if they managed to get it, they won't pass the interview, our government can only do that much and ultimately whether to hire or not is still up to the company.

You can't force them to hire Singaporeans, they can come up with all sorts of excuse if they really don't want to. Actually for companies, foreigners are easier to manage, they come here on a work pass, they can't just quit and find another job like a Singaporean can, or maybe some people don't know how to cherish their jobs, other Singaporeans get affected because of their actions, I know there are Singaporeans who longs for a stable job and yet they are hurt by the influx of foreigners, people say Singaporeans can't stay on a job, that's not true, not everyone is like that, we still have plenty of hardworking people here, but life seems to be too easy for a handful of us here, so much so that a job is like a pastime to them, but to many of us, a job is our livelihood.

I really feel that our government should not have stepped in like this, maybe some companies are really bad, they hate us so much that they refuse to hire us, I don't know, I've never heard of such extreme cases yet, or maybe it's simply because I haven't, but we are not little kids, we can take care of ourselves, what would other countries think, we can't help ourselves, we need our government to hold our arms and give us directions? Of course not, but well, let's see how it unfolds, it still sounds very silly to me.


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