01 September 2013

Necessary to Print Flight Itinerary?

So everytime you book a plane ticket online, they will tell you to print out the itinerary and the purpose seems to be for checking in at the airport, but how many times did the staff at the check-in counter actually check your printed itinerary?

For me, none, whenever I go to the counter, I always hand over both my passport and the itinerary and the counter staff usually take only my passport, they don't even look at the paper. For cases where they took my itinerary, they didn't really look at it, all they did was put the paper one side and check only my passport.

Then what is the point of printing it out? I feel that it's a waste of paper and ink, so this time round, I decided not to print it. My wife is now in Thailand, yesterday I bought ticket for her to return to Singapore, I told her not to print out the itinerary, all I did was send her flight details to her via sms, something like this:

Booking: ABCDEF
Flight: FD1234 (28 Sep)
Udon Thani 1240 to Don Mueang 1340

And I also told her to provide only her passport, if need be, tell the counter staff the booking id, that's it. I really think the airlines should come up with a sms service where they can simply sms the flight information to the passenger, save the trees.

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