18 September 2013

STI Index Closed at 3193

Thanks to the US-Russian deal on Syrian chemical weapons control, there's no way Syria will say no when it was suggested by the Russian president. So I guess that's it to the whole chemical attack thing, but those innocent people who died from it, how should their families be compensated, they can't just say surrender the weapons and end of story, but if that's how it's going to be, then it is really shitty, the Russians and Iran should punish Syria for it in some way, just to make everybody happy.

So if the allied forces are not going to attack Syria, I wonder what the rebels are going to do next, I think they will be very pissed off since the fight will just continue as per normal, which nobody knows when it will end, after all they've been fighting since 2011, doesn't look like any side is going to win anytime soon, more lives will be lost, more deals will be made, war is a good time for weapons supplier to make money, in the end, it's all about profit.

Anyway, I just hope SembCorp Industries will beak S$5.15 so I can sell at a small profit, been holding it for a long time and not seeing much progress, my breakeven price is at S$5.06, or maybe I will sell at S$5.10? See how, who knows STI might just go above 3300 before October.

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