Still Having Diarrhea

I started to have fever and diarrhea since the early hours of 15 Sep. On 14 Sep morning, I ate one piece of Tau Sar Piah and drank a cup of coffee and some water before my IPPT at 4PM. After the IPPT, I ate one packet of Hor Fun, I think that's the culprit, I bought at that shop many times and it was okay, very unlucky, I wonder what extra ingredients they dropped inside, and I must have went to the toilet at least 30 times since 15 Sep, my legs feel wobbly, head giddy, and when I went to see the doctor again just now, he told me to show my tongue, he looked a bit shocked and told me to drink plenty of water, and when I went home, I looked in the mirror and saw my tongue looking horribly white, obviously I am very dehydrated.

At least the fever is gone now, but the diarrhea keeps coming back, the doctor gave me a stronger combination of medication, I hope this works because I don't want to be missing from work for the 3rd day.

And just to be fair, I kept recapping the things that I ate prior to my diarrhea, I am pretty sure those are all that I ate, the Tau Sar Piah shouldn't be the culprit since my mom brought it back from Malacca, my sister ate it, my father ate it, my mother ate it and they are okay. Coffee should be out too since I have been drinking that batch for more than a week, water also no, everybody drinks it, only thing left is the Hor Fun, my family went out to eat KFC and I was the odd one out insisting on eating Hor Fun, so obviously the Hor Fun is the culprit.

I bought the Hor Fun at Tampines Street 81 Block 823A, it's the Zi Char beside the KFC, I'm not saying they will always serve food that will cause diarrhea, but it has been a nightmare for me and I thought I should at least warn people about it, you decide if you want to eat there.


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