09 December 2013

44 Years Since the Last Riot in Singapore

It's all over the news, riot in Singapore, wow, in Singapore, I bet everyone thought this will never ever happen (again) on this tiny dot, I did and it happened while I was at home watching The Fellowship of the Ring. So when was the last riot, according to this Wikipedia page, the last one was in 1969, and some people decided to break our decades of peace. They even set fire to a couple of vehicles, including a police car and an ambulance, but why the heck would they burn an ambulance? They must be out of their minds, well somehow I'm right, because according to news reports, the rioters were drunk and throwing beer bottles.

But the thing is, I don't really care what started the riot, what shocked me was that these people actually had the guts to do something like that here in Singapore, this is Singapore. Drunk or not, we have drunk people everyday but we don't see riots everyday, those who started the riot must be severely punished by handing them the maximum punishment possible and making sure they never have the chance to step into Singapore again, we don't need troublemakers.

I know it's not easy for them to come to Singapore, I may sound harsh but the law is the law, no one is above the law, they come here, they are expected to follow our laws, we are not talking about petty crimes, this event if not handled in a stern manner could send a wrong signal, let people think it's okay, then what happens in future, everyone will start rioting, look at other countries, protests and riots like nobody's business.

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