Now I Know How to Clean My Aircon

These few days the fancoil unit in my room was very noisy at night, there was a clicking sound and it was very obvious in the middle of the night, today I was so fed up that I unscrewed and opened up the damn thing, found that it's not that difficult to open, just 2 screws and pull out the casing from the top.

It was damn dirty, especially the bladed part, so much dust was and is still stuck in there, there's no way tissue or vacuum cleaner is going to do the job, unless it is a powerful vacuum cleaner, those strong enough to even suck in water, I can only try to wipe off and vacuum as much as possible, and finally, I still remember how to put it all back, now I have switched it on, I hope whatever that I did will get rid of the noise.

Anyway, for those of you wondering what those aircon cleaning guys do, for normal cleaning, what they do is bring along a vacuum cleaner and vacuum off the dust, that's it, I paid $80 to clean two units, and they didn't do a good job, it was still so dirty, might as well I do it myself and save the money.

Oh wait, at first I thought maybe I could do some chemical cleaning by myself, after watching this video, wow, seems like there's a lot of dismantling to do... very good video though.


Unknown said…
The task seems so easy, yet very complicated. I've read your posts and found out that your AC gave you lots of problems the past days. Moreover, it's good to know that it's not making any noise anymore. Well, I believe you just have to practice cleaning your AC more to avoid bigger damage. Just don't forget to call your cleaning guys in case you think you've been doing it the wrong way. :)

Monica Ryan @ VillagePlumbing
Kpaengineering said…
An air conditioner, no matter how latest a model, requires maintenance and aircon chemical cleaning services from time to time. Every year, it needs to be serviced well so that it continues to perform optimally for many years.

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