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Seen Cardiologist Today

Today went to see Dr. James Yip, big doctor really different, experienced, know what is happening and what will happen next, have plan in mind, my wife also like him very much, say don't change doctor just stick to him. So today also nothing much, my wife feels fine, doctor did blood pressure and ECG, so far so good, will see him next year February.
My wife's INR reading also good, yesterday checked was 3.0, now taking 3mg everyday, Dr. James also say as long as below 5mg per day the risk will be lower, actually I read about it too, just give it a try, better than taking the Heparin, imagine sticking needle to your stomach twice a day, anyway all that's over for now, we are now looking forward to 34 or 35 weeks, that is the time my wife can prepare for delivery, it will be by Cesarean delivery.

Another Malaysian Plane Gone Missing

This is the 3rd one this year, really so suay, they were supposed to reach Singapore this morning but lost contact midway, their families must be worried sick by now. These few days weather also terrible, long and heavy rains, I think that should be the problem, I hope they are fine though but logically by now no contact very likely gone case, jia lat.

Time Sure Flies!

One year is going to pass in a few days time, this year seems to be good for me, wife pregnant again, got a good salary increment, bonus also decent, bought a new house, did a simple renovation without spending a bomb, have some savings, so far so good, by the way wife is 15 weeks pregnant now, doing fine so far, as usual, the nausea, tiredness and etc, hopefully nothing unusual, we are really looking forward to seeing this baby.

And Happy New Year to everyone!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

One year is going to pass soon, so fast, and today's weather is 26 degrees, cold for our country, still haven't decide where to go, maybe just go somewhere near as wife is pregnant and feel tired all the time.

Haven't Had a Good Laksa In a Long Time

And today I finally had one at Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre. We went there because my wife wants to eat braised chicken feet and Henry's Chicken Rice stall sells them, so I ordered a plate of $3 chicken feet, then my wife wanted to try the chicken feet noodle, the noodle stall is just opposite of Henry's and they also sell dumpling noodle, shredded chicken noodles, some other noodle dishes and laksa.

I myself ate the dumpling noodle on the other end, then after we finished our first round, we ordered a chicken feet noodle and a laksa, wah the laksa soup really power, it's got the small shrimp bits inside, very old school, reminds me of the best laksa I had when I was a young boy, it was sold by an elderly couple, they also put shrimp bits in their soup, every time after I finished the noodle, I like to hold the bowl up and drink the soup and eat the shrimp bits, damn good feeling. This laksa only costs $2.50, nowadays not easy to find good and cheap dish, t…

What a Shitty Day!

Yesterday night the neighbour above was making noises off and on, the baby is running around at almost 2am! Don't they have to work or something, how come they can sleep so late, baby running at wee hours of the day, what the hell man! And off and on they will knock the floor, or drop something, switch off/on something, think it's the lights, or turn on water, and watch TV not super loud but in the silent night it's very obvious, and then talking on and off, really cannot take it, ended up I slept at 4am.

So of course today went to office feeling so stoned, then early morning kena 2 difficult cases, wah piang, what the fuck man! Settled one case and the other solved one problem another problem appear, wah really headache, just now work until 6.30pm also cannot solve, tomorrow still have to go back to settle, sigh, wonder is it because I'm feeling so tired so cannot think properly hence took so stupidly long to think of solution. Shit, still got stuff from last week hav…

Thai Supermarket Cashier

Forgot to blog about it, yesterday when me and wife were at Golden Mile Complex, I saw that the Thai Supermarket has vacancy for cashier, they didn't put the salary but LTVP, LTVP+ and PR are welcome. Good luck!

Pass Down Syndrome Scan

Today went to see gynae and she said the down syndrome scans came back very good, which means baby is fine, sigh of relief for me and wife. Today also didn't spend much, just see the doctor for the test result, and just now do the oral glucose tolerance test, it's a test for diabetes, my wife vomited out the glucose syrup, so have to test another day, will test on 30 Dec when we see the cardiologist.

But so far my wife is feeling fine, she also don't want to do the glucose test because she's sure she doesn't have diabetes but I say better to be safe than sorry.

Dropped My Handphone Just Now

Just now we took taxi to Golden Mile Complex because my wife was craving for authentic Thai noodles, I didn't know I dropped my phone until my father called my wife, he told me the driver called him, so I used my wife's phone to call my phone and the driver picked up, he told me to go back to where he dropped me, so I went back and saw him waiting for me, what a lucky day for me, lucky this driver is honest or else I will have to go through the trouble of cancelling and getting a new sim card. Kudos to this driver, he is Comfort blue cab driver, license number is 1444, I hope he is rewarded for his honesty!

Anyway the thai noodle is really good, very authentic Isaan style, must try, one bowl for $5 though, very expensive, the same noodle in Bangkok will cost only about $1+.

Just Noticed This Advertisement Haha

How to Get Singapore PR with 90% success rate, haha sure or not, how come they can game the system? I thought ICA is trying to stop people from gaming the system and how come there is such a company doing such a business???

Speaking of PR, nowadays so many working class foreigners get PR, how come they don't give PR to spouse of citizens instead, really bullshit.

And PR makes a HUGE difference for family planning, because with PR, it's possible to apply for BTO which is way cheaper than buying from the resale market, furthermore, healthcare costs are generally halved from what foreigners pay, yes I understand that there are foreigners who love Singapore and want to settle down here, fine but they should have been working here for a few years before being allowed to get PR, some I know of they get PR within a year, how can that be, and yet some spouse of citizen cannot get PR even after staying here for 7 or 8 years! Doesn't make any sense, especially so when the government…

Wife Medishield Approved! (With Exclusion)

Last post.

I received the letter from CPF board a few days back but forgot to blog about it, so busy at work, come home blur blur haha.

Anyway her application has been approved and she is now covered under Medishield but her existing condition will not be covered, following quoted from letter:

"As the current Medishield does not cover medical expenses incurred for medical conditions that are pre-existing before the cover starts, her medical conditions relating to the treatment of heart disease and its complications and replacement of prosthetic heart valve would not be claimable under Medishield and would be imposed from now til the implementation of Medishield Life in end-2015."

Well, better than nothing, but I don't know why they say heart disease, according to my wife, she suffered from valve infection when she was 16, the doctor recommended surgery but she dragged until she was 24 then she went for the aortic valve replacement, which is supposed to fix her heart cond…

My Childhood Kind of Sucks

I remember when I was in primary school, whenever my classmates went overseas, they will come back with presents and they will bring it to class and distribute to everyone, same goes for birthdays, they will buy candies and stationery to "share the joy" and every year it will be the same few kids who will do it, less well off kids like me have nothing to share, my parents simply cannot afford to be so generous. They will stand up in class and tell everyone they went to where and bla bla bla and teacher will tell us to clap.

And going to my classmates house sucks now that I look back, they have the latest console games, card games, toys and I have nothing, I don't really invite friends to my house because I have nothing for them to play, I always go to friends house and play their stuff, yeah some of these friends are nice enough to share and not look down on me but I remember there was this one asshole classmate, he got into a car accident, some parents knock him down in…

Bought 4 Lots of Cambridge Industrial Trust @ $0.675

Now I have 14 lots, too bad not enough cash and it's not everyday that they get to this low price, I'm sure tomorrow will start to rebound, now the yield is more than 7% which is very attractive, this is a good strong long-term stock to buy and keep.

See This Uncle All The Time

My earlier post.

I keep seeing this same uncle, nowadays he hang around at my workplace or the MRT station, every time I see him he just squat or stand down there staring at people or looking at me, expecting me to spare him something, bloody hell I won't even give him 10 cent, so free can stay there and do nothing, why not go get a job, not as if he is handicapped, maybe he is sick but how come he can still smoke, just now saw him smoking.

Not that I lack compassion but I am the type of person who strongly believes in working for what I want, there is no free lunch and money won't drop from the sky, if I want something I will work hard for it and that is what I am going to teach my children so when people come up to me and ask for free things, maybe I will give once or twice, ask again and I will ignore, cannot let them think that it's so easy getting things without working for it.

Nowadays youngsters also the same, parents over-pampered them, giving them whatever they wa…

Downpour and Thunder Storm

Thunder blasts all the time and the rain plus the big winds becomes even more powerful, me and wife almost all wet, lucky we are near home or else jia lat. Now year end also heavy rain, makes the weather even more cold, my house is on the hill so a bit like Genting Highlands haha, so cooling, if go outside without sweater sure catch a cold, this kind of weather must relax at home then shiok ;)
By the way just now we went to Clementi food centre, we tried the duck rice, wah damn good, the cooking style is like Yu Kee, but overall is less salty, soup also less heavy, it is like a lighter version of Yu Kee, very refreshing. Most important thing is the duck is tender like Yu Kee, shiok. The fruit juice is also damn power, there is one stall right next to a stall selling fried fritters, they have this soursop with dragon fruit juice, that one must try, super power for only $2.

Today See Gynae with Wife

Did ultrasound and baby seems fine, heart beat looks strong, very active baby, look like me, neck long, I think it's a boy, head also big like me. Also took my wife's blood for the down syndrome test, my wife said they took 4 tubes! And from the scan, seems like baby is not at high risk for down syndrome but let's wait for the blood test result. Now what if baby has down syndrome, if my wife wants to continue then so be it, I anything, but down syndrome kids will have a tough life ahead... then again I see that these group of people are well supported, what I'm worried about is what happens if we are no longer there, who is going to take care of him/her.

Today the bill is $339.80, before government subsidy is $444, so having PR is good for this reason, imagine no PR today have to pay $444. And just now when I went upstairs to pay for my wife's hospital bill, saw one uncle and auntie looking quite surprised when they received their bill, heard is $31K, think their r…

40+ Not Married Must Be Something Wrong

I have a colleague from China who is in his late 40s and not married, he is not like your usual middle-aged man, this guy is super negative and everything is not good to him. Eat local food say not good, but if we go to a hawker centre with all the Chinese food and I commented that there was hardly any local food he straight away say cook myself if I don't like it, bloody hell, might as well we dine separately, I also didn't want to dine with him anyway.
Then buy toto he kept pestering everyone to see if anyone won, this kind of thing is private right, you don't go around asking everyone about it, so annoying, even when I'm so busy he can come up to me and ask me whether I won, if I won I won't be there seeing his face right.
Or when me and another colleague is talking he likes to interrupt and stop people from talking, really feel like slapping his face, he just wants to get his words across, which nobody gives a shit anyway. Little wonder that he is still not mar…

Eng Kee Chicken Wings for Dinner!

I went to buy just now and there was quite a crowd, so many people waiting for the hot chicken wings, very popular, you know why, because it's very juicy and the seasoning is just nice, when you eat it hot it's really good. One piece is only $1.20, I bought 10! Haha.

Bar and Melody

Amazing song.

Wife Medishield Application Under Review

Just now received a letter saying under review, wah they better approve if not without shield plan really jia lat, I will surely go find my MP to appeal, if even Medishield also cannot apply then how, private insurance sure won't accept, then worse case scenario is wait for next year CPF Life, I don't mind paying more for my wife's premium, I just want her to be covered, just imagine a big hospital bill can easily wipe out my savings, then how to keep the family going, hospital bill here really scary.

Bought Ogawa Felix Touch Handheld Massager for Wife

She keeps complaining of feeling tired, arms ache, back ache, leg ache everywhere ache, and ask me to massage I also tired haha, so today after seeing the gynae at NUH, we headed to Clementi Mall and checked out both Osim and Ogawa, by the way gynae say baby doing fine.

First we went to Osim, their handheld massagers are very limited, wife don't like their design, so we went to Ogawa, saw the Felix Touch and wife like it, the salesman told me now got promotion, buy 1 free 1, so I asked him how much, he said one piece is $99, buy 2 is $138, inside I'm thinking how is that buy 1 free 1 lol, anyway 2 for $138 also sounds good right, so we ended up buying 2 pieces. Then later when I saw the invoice, I noticed per piece pricing is actually only $69, so 2 for $138 la, this kind of tactic also can, but I also don't want to make things difficult for him, I take it as never see the invoice. Anyway the massager quality seems good, buy 2 pieces can give my wife's mom one. And the…

Booked My Basic Theory Test

Since I'm staying at Commonwealth, the nearest driving centre is Bukit Batok Driving Centre or more commonly known as BBDC. It's north of Bukit Gombak MRT station, just follow the MRT track up north, you will see HomeTeamNS, BBDC is just right after. Or you can also take the free shuttle bus at Bukit Gombak MRT station exit D, according to BBDC staff, they say it's open to public.
So when I reached there, I went to the information counter to get a queue number to buy the 9th edition official basic theory handbook, they also gave me another queue number to submit a registration form. The handbook cost $3.40, can pay by cash or NETS.
Then my second number was called, I submitted my registration form, the guy kept telling me that learning at their school is faster and cheaper, minimum $2000 can pass, I told him I prefer to take private and his face changed immediately haha.
After that, I went to register myself in their Room 2, I'm very puzzled, since in the end I still h…

My Wife Got Her Singpass

Just received her Singpass login details and I tried to login to CPF successfully, I think her CPF account was created because I applied Medishield for her. Just want to remind all fellow Singaporeans with foreign spouse, once your wife gets PR, be sure to apply Medishield for him/her, if you can afford it, private shield plans from NTUC, Aviva or Prudential are the best, hospitalization is not joking matter and healthcare cost is very high in Singapore, one big illness or operation can burn a big hole or put you in huge debt if you are not shielded.

Anyway when applying Singpass for my wife, I noticed that LTVP+ holders can also apply for Singpass, I wonder since when they implement, anyway good move, I also hope they can allow LTVP holder to apply for Singpass.

Now I'm waiting for my wife's Medishield to be approved, wonder how it is going, login to CPF and it only says successfully processed, anyway at the end of 2015, CPF Life will come into effect, I think it's good f…

Seen Gynae at NUH Today

We went to the high risk clinic and they told us the same thing that the gynae at SGH told us during our first try so nothing new to us, anyway my wife and I have already decided to continue the pregnancy and of course we don't want to terminate, yeah there's always the risk but if we don't give it a shot, how would we know, and not as if a healthy woman don't have any risk, pregnancy always comes with risk, just a matter of high or low and how we manage it.

I think the key thing is whether my wife feels okay or not, right now she's feeling fine, just the usual nausea, feeling tired, I think most if not all pregnant women feels like that, it's a hormonal thing so it's mostly beyond control.

Wife May Be Able to Discharge Tomorrow

My wife told me this morning one of the doctor on duty came to see her and told her she may be able to discharge on next Wednesday, then after a while the senior doctor which is the cardiologist who have seen my wife previously, he came and told her she may be able to be discharged tomorrow, very confusing right but of course we believe the senior doctor, the on-duty doctors really small fry and have no idea what's going on, cannot believe them at all, even the nurse know more than them, really jia lat.

Anyway the senior said my wife can do the INR reading by herself since she has the test kit, and she is to see him one week later, sounds good, senior doctor really different, can tell you what's happening now and later, those small fry doctors really make my blood boil, totally cannot make it, I wonder how these people survive outside if they are not doctor, in my company with this kind of standard I don't think they can last long, surely kena customer complain, fail SLA, …

Wife Hospital Bill Damn Expensive

Today still at hospital, don't know when can discharge, just now went to get the interim bill from the Patient Service Centre, so far accumulated $4.9k+ before subsidy, she is PR and stay ward C have a lot of subsidies, government subsidize about $2.5k+, can deduct from my CPF $2250 (cap at $450 per day, 5x450), cash need to pay about $143, for 4 days normal ward and 1 day ICU ward stay, don't know why they count ICU only 1 day, my wife stayed for 2 days, maybe they got some timing. So yes, you can ask for the interim bill anytime, don't have to wait until discharge then get a shock, ask early so you make decision early.

Ward total charges is $1500 before subsidy, the rest are the lab tests, treatment fees, doctor fee, echo, ICU monitoring charges, yes, you stay ICU they will charge for ward and treatment and the monitoring charges, my wife is one day $372 for the monitoring, what the fish man.

And pay the doctor ward consultation fee really feel unhappy, one day $40, ask …

Wife Back to Normal Ward!

Finally they returned her back to normal ward, this time she is at ward 64, I think it's also for patients with heart problems, this ward lousier than the first one she was in, previously she was at ward 48, think that one mainly for pregnant women, both are C wards by the way.

This ward 64 damn jia lat, floor dirty, the curtain like dropping off, the flask also dirty, everything looks dirty, I wonder if they do any area cleaning. Ward 48 also C ward, how come so much difference, really Cheap ward lol.

Anyway my wife is feeling very well, she can't wait to get out of bed, I think she's fine, now waiting for discharge but not sure when, the doctor doing the rounds have no idea, she said have to check with the main doctor, jia lat, every time see different doctor, you ask them how they also cannot answer, this kind of system really not effective, too bad I am not rich to be able to afford personalized care for my wife, in this world if you have money, you are king.

And just …

Visited Wife at NUH CCU

Today then I realized her ward is called CCU i.e. Coronary Care Unit, it's also an ICU but it's more for heart patients. Looking at my wife, she is very lively today, maybe because she is getting used to the new and strange environment, so many medical equipment and beeping sounds, and today she was supposed to return to the normal ward but unfortunately there is no spare bed so no choice have to stay there.

I brought dinner to my wife's ward, it's a single bed ward so plenty of privacy, I bought from the Kopitiam at level 1, I ate ayam penyet and I bought some popiahs for her. I find the Kopitiam standard quite high, food is delicious, staff quite friendly and place is clean, seems like at hospital their standard is different.

Anyway I also took a look around the ward, the other patients seems to be hanging on to dear life, then I look at my wife and wonder what is she doing there, she should be back to normal ward or best still, discharged since she is fine now. Oh o…

Big Scare Just Now

Today I took leave to stay with my wife mainly to listen to what the cardiologist have to say, we have come to a plan such that my wife will be put on Heparin via pump to bring her INR to normal levels as her INR was 1.0, not good, the normal range should be 2 to 3.

Then at about 8pm when I was leaving the hospital for home, my wife called me and said the doctor wants to speak to me, as I went back to the ward, 3 nurses were preparing to move my wife, I asked them what's going on and they told me to speak to the doctor. The cardiologist told me he noticed a blockage at my wife's heart valve and she may need immediate open-heart surgery, then I told him that she looks fine, then he said that if the valve is like that all along then should be ok, but if it's a sudden clot, then she may die suddenly. So they moved her to the ICU, I quickly packed her stuff and brought to her ward in ICU.

The cardiologist then asked me more about our first pregnancy, I told him that we consult…

Wife Hospitalized!

This morning we went to Queenstown Polyclinic intending to get a referral letter to NUH, the doctor says my wife's case is complicated so end up he referred us to NUH A&E, well her case is indeed complicated because she is pregnant and she is still on Warfarin, the doctor was concerned for the baby as well as for the mother, I think A&E also good, no need to wait for the appointment.

Then we took a taxi to NUH, damn fast, I think around 5 mins we reached, taxi fare only $4.70. We reached around 12pm+, went for lunch come back to A&E wait for almost 2 hours before we finally got to see the gynae on duty, she's a super busy woman, running everywhere, she's very approachable though, I think my wife likes her. Anyway we told her what she wanted to know, end up she say we should admit my wife for checkup, my wife was reluctant, actually she's feeling fine, just the usual pregnancy nausea and vomiting, the gynae also did a scan for my wife, baby looks fine.

By th…

Expenses of Thailand Trip

Plane Tickets - $635.49

This is for 2 person, from Singapore to Bangkok and then from Bangkok to Udon Thani, and back.

Change Currency - $1700

I changed $200 at People's Park Complex at 25.18, then $1500 in Bangkok at 25.05, in future just change in Singapore, my wife says Golden Mile was 25.23. And also we didn't use it all, my wife still has about 2400+ baht in her wallet.

Miscellaneous $132:

$30 taxi to Changi Airport$35 taxi back to home$35 eat at Changi Airport$32 buy a 10-pack cigarette

Total: $2646.59

Some Photos From Thailand Trip

First of all, share some pictures I took, didn't take much though because keep forgetting to bring camera.

Look at the size of that pumpkin, I have never seen such a huge pumpkin in my life, my mother-in-law turned it into a sweet soup with coconut milk.

Previously there's nothing much at the porch, mother-in-law asked someone to add the sitting area but it's not complete.

She also added a shelter, well it's much cooler now with the shelter.

I took the chance to play with my wife's bike, now I can confidently ride around, have tried driving my wife back from her grandmom's farm, note that I don't have a riding licence, but in rural areas there's also no police to catch.

I bought the beer, wine and liquor at the arrival hall yesterday when we returned from Bangkok, all costed me $179.10, here's a breakdown of the price:

3 can Guiness - $9.503 can Heineken - $7.301 litre bottle Hendricks - $55.80, this one comes with a teacup, without the teacup is $53…

Beware of Survey Scam

I was surfing the net and out of nowhere this chrome survey appears, at first I thought it was a survey from Google but after completing it then I realized it's just another scam.

So I selected my prize and see what appears next:

They ask for my handphone number but wait, read the text below:

This is an ongoing subscription service until you quit. You will be sent 5 messages a week charged at S$5.35 per sms (w/GST). Max. S$26.75 (w/GST) per week. Standard operator/data charges apply. You can download unlimited content from our catalogue e.g. ringtones, games, wallpapers, applications. WAP/GPRS enabled phone required. To subscribe enter your mobile number and reply with keyword TOP. To unsubscribe text STOP TOP to 146079193. By joining you agree to receive occasional promotional messages from Mobile Broomstick and other third party offers on an ongoing basis. This service is only available to Singapore mobile phone users (except Starhub pre-paid customers). Applications are for fun …

Changed Thai Baht at People's Park Complex

Today I went to withdraw cash for my coming Thailand trip and I decided to change some Baht in advance, the rate was very high compared to the last time I went, that was in April 2013. So just now I changed 200 Singapore dollars for 5000 Thai Baht and they returned me $1.40, the rate was 1 SGD to 25.18 THB, last time I remember changing 1 SGD for only 22.70 THB at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Anyway the reason why I changed early is exactly because of the lousy rate I got at Suvarnabhumi, I thought this time I should at least have some Baht ready for food, taxi and whatever, no need to change so much because the rate at Khao San is much better, yeah we will be staying at Khao San, my favourite place ;)

Very much looking forward to the trip!

Mei Ling Food Centre: Sin Kee Chicken Rice and No Signboard Braised Duck

Since my wife is pregnant, she can't make the trip there as it is quite a walk and up the hill, from Queenstown MRT got to walk about 5 mins for my speed, for her probably 15 minutes or more, actually it's not really that far, at least for me la. Anyway today woke up at 12pm, weekend can sleep as much as I want haha, I washed up and immediately went out at about 12.15pm.

So I took a train from Commonwealth to Queenstown, just one stop, and then walked to the food centre, walking took me about 5 mins or so as I cut in through the HDB blocks at 140+ and then to 150+. When I reached the food centre, the Sin Kee chicken rice stall had only one person in queue, the rest are seated, I ordered half a chicken takeaway, paid and then told the helper I will come back later. Then I went to order the No Signboard braised duck, that one had 4 person in queue, not that bad, waited for about 10 mins+ and finally my turn, I ordered half a duck. After collecting my duck, I went back for my chi…

Deepavali on 22 October 2014

I keep having the impression that it's on 23 October, maybe because of the hardcopy calendars, and only today when my colleague told me it's Wednesday then I realized that it falls on 22nd. Good, made me a bit happy since after tomorrow I can take a rest again ;)

Thinking of rest my holiday trip is coming soon, be flying on 31st October, looking forward to it, time to take a well-deserved break.

Finally Managed to Get My Reports to Run

After trying for two days, yesterday I finally managed to get our reports to run in Crystal Server 2013. We are using ODAC to connect to our Oracle 11g database, I tried installing the 32-bit ODAC but it doesn't work, thanks to a discussion on, I uninstalled everything and started from scratch by installing the 64-bit ODAC then followed by the 32-bit, then I restarted the servers and configured both 32-bit and 64-bit System DSN to point to our Oracle database and it works!

By the way you can run this to open the 64-bit ODBC configuration:


And this for the 32-bit version:


Sigh, unfortunately even if I can open the reports from the server i.e. the CMC, our application still cannot access the reports, we are using Java so maybe we need to use newer SDK?

Town Council S&CC Rebates for 2014

No wonder this month my town council never charge me for the fees, I thought they forgot lol, how can it be right, so I Googled and found that I have 2 rebates for this year; July and October:

HDB Flat Type 2014 S&CC Rebates (no. of months) April 2014 July 2014 October 2014 Total for 2014 1-room 1 1 1 3 2-room 1 1 1 3 3-room 1 0.5 0.5 2

Damn Crystal Reports XI and 2013

Our customer is running Crystal Reports Server XI (version 11) and their reports were created using Crystal Reports 2008 (version 12) and my company purchased the full suite of Crystal Reports and Server 2013 (version 14) for our SIT environment, wow sounds kind of confusing right. Initially I was worried about the compatibility, will reports created in version 14 even work in server version 11, after doing some research, I found that as long as we don't use the new stuff in version 14 we should be able to run it fine in the older server, but then it's kind of weird that our test server has a higher version than our production server haha, which makes our SIT less reliable, in the end we still have to ensure that it can run fine in the UAT server before we can roll it out to live.

Anyway today I finished installing the server, took me quite a while because of the unzipping, damn huge files, and the installation took a long time, I think around an hour or more, and also install…

Error When Running Crystal Server 2013 wdeploy Tool

The error:
2014-10-14 14:09:32,031   Target - Target "deployall" finished with error.
D:\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\wdeploy\wcommon.xml:361: The following error occurred while executing this line:
D:\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\wdeploy\wcommon.xml:310: The following error occurred while executing this line:
D:\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\wdeploy\wcommon.xml:1948: The following error occurred while executing this line:
D:\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\wdeploy\wcommon.xml:764: Execute failed: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified
at s…

Just Booked Nok Air for Travel to Udon

Now that my wife is pregnant, I decided to take the plane instead of bus, plane is much more comfortable, bus is too tiring for her, she keeps complaining for feeling tired.

Anyway I booked Nok Air, I find that their website is very user friendly and the yellow makes me feel happy. They also don't require me to key in my passport details unlike some of our budget airlines, booking ticket online should be a hassle-free process, keying all that passport info can be taxing, it's still bearable when you are doing it for one or two passengers, imagine you are booking for 8 or 10 or more people, very prone to wrong data entry.

Now I'm looking forward to traveling with Nok Air, I noticed that I will be given snacks for my ride, not bad, free food for economy tickets. The ticket also come with 15KG checked baggage for free, you can add another 5KG for 175 Baht.

My Wife is Pregnant Again!

Just now she showed me the test strip and there were two lines; two means pregnant and one means not pregnant. So just nice, we are going to her home at the end of this month on 31 Oct so we can also see her doctor and listen to what he say.

My wife's last period started on 08 Sep, that means now she is in her 5th week of pregnancy. I calculated using this tool.

Anyway I was worried about my wife taking Warfarin while she is pregnant, according to my research online, I found that Warfarin is not good for the baby between the 6th and 9th weeks of pregnancy, and the alternative such as Heparin is less effective than Warfarin, basically Warfarin is the best anticoagulant for patients. Luckily I found this article and this which gave me some relief, reason being that my wife's dosage is 3.5mg per day, quoted from the article:

"According to our experience the untoward effects of warfarin are dose-dependent[3]."

"In our study 43 pregnant patients with mechanical valve p…

Down with Flu and Slight Fever These Few Days

It started last Saturday morning, after I woke up I didn't feel well, remember it was raining that morning so I waited for the rain to stop and went to have my weekly run as I thought I will feel better but mainly because I don't want to skip my run, it's now like a religious thing, have to do every Saturday.

After that Saturday, the feeling of sickness comes and goes, I took medicine and now I'm feeling better but that taste in my mouth, not the medicine taste but the taste of sickness still lingers, I feel like I can fall ill anytime, hope I get better before my Thailand trip this month end. Now my wife is also a bit sick.

I think it's the haze, so annoying, the burnt smell in the air is really irritating, also makes my eyes feel itchy, when will it stop?

Planning Trip to Thailand (Updated)

Last post.

I have bought tickets, overall is about $435 for 2 pax. I bought Jetstar from Singapore to Suvarnabhumi ($249 for two) and Scoot from Don Mueang to Singapore ($186 for two), with standard seat selection and 20KG check-in baggage for my wife to and fro.

Just want to highlight something, when I bought my Scoot tickets, they offered to let me settle in SGD which is my card's currency, they offered $195.18 for 4710 THB so I did a quick check on Google and found that 4710 THB is about $184 SGD so of course I didn't accept their exchange rate and choose to settle in Thai Baht instead.

So after I confirmed my payment in Thai Baht, I checked my credit card transaction online and found that my bank charged me about $186, about $9 cheaper than what I would pay if I choose to accept Scoot's SGD settlement instead, so always check the exchange rate before you choose, anyway I think it's better to let your bank settle foreign currency exchange instead of the airline, I&#…

Received U-Save Rebate for Oct 2014

Last month I have a $97.61 credit from the Jul U-Save, this month government gave another $65 making it $162.61. My utilities bill for this month is $76.67, very surprising, much cheaper than last month of $97.39, I think it's because last month was estimated and this month was checked by SP staff.

Now I still have $85.94 credit, if next month also $70+ then also no need to pay.

Planning Trip to Thailand

Finally I am this stage, screw that ICT and time to plan for my break from this urban jungle! Ok, this is my tentative planning:
31 Oct - take plane from SIN to BKK 11pm, reach BKK 12:30am.01 Nov - take bus from BKK to Udon in the morning, should reach my wife's house by night.02 Nov to 03 Nov - slack at her home, maybe ask her family bring me around to admire the natural beauty.04 Nov - accompany my wife to her doctor, I'm going to do a body checkup since I'm there.05 Nov - take bus back to BKK, still haven't decide should take morning or night but doesn't matter much though.06 Nov to 07 Nov - enjoy BKK food, shopping.08 Nov - go home. I just check out the tickets at Airasia, Tiger, Jetstar and Scoot, seems like go is Jetstar cheapest and come back is Airasia, I think I can budget $400 for tickets, then maybe bring about $1500 for spending, should be fine since the exchange rate is so good now.

New Movie Dracula Untold

I saw the trailer and it looks really good, Luke Evans has that Dracula feel, I can't think of anyone else who fits the role, I think would be nice to watch at the cinema.

Imdb rating also quite high at 7.5, I think everyone is looking forward to watching.

Ordered Gas Again for $32

I first ordered my gas on 07 Jul, until now is 85 days, almost 3 months, so it's about $0.376 per day, I find it okay as my wife use the gas almost daily to cook water and food, she's still complaining how come it's so expensive lol, but okay la, where got expensive. By the way today she cooked sambal chilli, damn nice, I ate two big plates of rice with it, I asked her to cook fish balls with the chilli tomorrow, must be very nice too, but really unexpected that she can cook such good sambal, damn shiok.

Eng Kee Chicken Wings

Recently me and wife have been eating at the stall, we tried the fried bee hoon and noodles, they have quite a good selection of toppings like sunny side up egg, taiwan sausage, fish cake, cabbage, long beans and etc, basically the typical economical bee hoon stall kind of selection, all are quite standard fare, but the bee hoon and noodles goes very well with the cabbages.

The charm of the stall is obviously the chicken wings, one piece for $1.20, I find it very juicy and fresh, every time I eat it's always served hot and the juices will burst out when I bite into it, very shiok, my wife like it because they don't put a lot of powder, one example is Old Chang Kee's fried chicken wings, too much batter, my wife had to take off all the skin. I always see people buying 10s, 20s or even 30s, really popular.

The chilli sauce is also special, goes very well with the wings and noodles, oh and they also sell Otah, $1 per piece, also nice, my wife can eat 4 pieces alone, she loves…

Just Got Home After Field Training

Damn shagged, feel like dying man, I think I'm getting older, this kind of field training is getting too much for me, if I am 10 years younger I think I can still manage but at 31 years old, wah cannot take it, everywhere pain, totally drained of energy, can't imagine I still have two more high-keys to go, I also can't understand how some people say ICT is a holiday trip, how the heck is field training considered a holiday.

Anyway lucky my commanders know that we are old soldiers, maybe that's why they allow us to go home and rest provided we can report back the next day on time, I think it's a fair deal and sleeping at home is always better than sleeping in the bunk. And I wonder when was the last time they cleaned the mattress, or do they even clean at all?

Also to summarize my taxi fares so far, yesterday I mentioned that my taxi fares from Monday to Wednesday was $93.80, this morning I spent $23.40, just now spent $20.50 so total is $137.70, still within my bud…

Passed My IPPT

If I run slower by 2 seconds I would have failed lol, glad I pushed a bit more during the last stretch, at least I can get $100 for incentive pass, not enough to cover my taxi fares for this ICT but better than nothing. I calculated that I have spent $30 on Monday, $22.50 on Tuesday and $41.30 today, total is $93.80 so far, so I think my budget of $180 for taxi fares should be enough, just 3 more days to go.

I Can Renew My Starhub Mobile Line

Ha, you might be wondering how come I can blog even when I'm serving my in-camp, actually today I get to book out, tomorrow and Thursday have to stay in for training, sigh.

Anyway just realized that I can renew my mobile line because I have the hubber bonus, every 12 months I can recontract, now I'm wondering which phone I should get, I think I will probably choose the one with highest resale value and then sell it, I don't really like smartphone, my wife also okay with it.

During this in-camp I also noticed that almost everyone have a smartphone, nowadays everyone bring smartphone to play games inside the camp, seems like the trend but I just don't find it interesting, maybe I'm just plain old fashioned haha.

First Day of ICT Boring As Hell (As Usual)

But at least this ICT is not as tough as it sounds, this morning when I heard that we have a 3 days and 2 nights field training, I lost my breath for a while, really felt like fainting, and I was totally "sian" for the whole day, my platoon mates probably felt as "sian" as me but still we knew we have to do it because no choice. Luckily just now my officers announced that we will take turns to do it, that means one platoon will go first and then come back, the other platoon will take over and then continue the second day and night, and we will probably finish in 2 days and 2 nights instead, phew, I heaved a sigh of relief. 1 day and night not so bad, just endure a bit and that's it.

Sigh, but after this still have 2 more high keys, I wish they will shorten ICT, maybe cut down to 8, 10 cycles a bit too much, why not they channel the money to raise NSF salary instead, reservist personnel not cheap because Mindef have to pay us civilian salary.

Oh by the way tomor…

IKEA Pizza for Dinner

I bought one whole packet for $5.90 and there are 7 slices inside, it's all veggies and not bad, the bread is quite special.

Now Trying Out Cyberfox Web Browser

I'm still having issue with Google Chrome even after upgrading to 64-bit, sometimes it will get stuck at the top left of the screen and there's nothing I can do about it other than close the browser and open it again, or I can drag the tab out but that's just stupid.

So I just downloaded and installed Cyberfox, really cool looking and so futuristic, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, previously I thought Palemoon would solve all my problems unfortunately I wasn't a very happy user, let's see what Cyberfox can do for me, but so far so good.

If you are interested, you can download here.

Next Week In-Camp Training

Now that I have moved to a new house, I now live farther away from my camp, if I take bus/mrt, it will probably take me around 1 hour and 30 or 45 minutes so I have contacted one of my platoon mate who lives nearby and we will share a cab to and fro the camp, I think one person would pay about $12-$15, actually if driving it's not really that far, about 20-25 minutes drive so if take taxi I think max is $30. I think we might have another mate who wants to share so per person's cost will be reduced further. I think I will budget about $180 for taxi rides lol, but I don't think I will spend that much la.

Haze is Back Again (Again!)

I saw the news just now, the haze is coming from hot spots in Indonesia, the PSI is around 100, that means unhealthy level, and just now while making my way home, I can see that the sky is getting foggy, and today two of my co-workers took sick leave. I also feel a bit unwell, feel so tired, not sure if it's because I slept late these two days or because of the haze. I hope it gets better or else I can't go for my Saturday run, I have been running without fail for a long time now and I don't wish to be interrupted.
I still don't understand why the Indonesian forest keep catching fire, I wonder what their government will say about it, probably tell us not to overreact while they stay out of the haze far away in their capital.

Sigh, So Shagged

Today spent 4 hours at a user meeting, definitely one of the longest meeting ever, as we just took over this new project, we had to go through whatever that was outstanding when we took over, it's quite a long list of items, including the outstanding service requests, we also had to go through the problems reported by users after takeover, bloody hell just the outstanding problems took us around 3 hours, the system owner was always digging into the details and finding new things for us to do, gone through the whole list and only managed to close one case, wah piang, ended up with even more things to do.

Don't know next week in-camp training is considered lucky or not, even if I can MIA for one week, that doesn't mean I won't have anything to do when I come back, I bet there will be a lot of things waiting for me to do, shit.

Try Order from

Boring Sunday, don't know where to go so stay home and rot.

So earlier on I found out about, seems like they have a lot of partnerships with local food stores, so they offer a large selection and they display clearly the minimum order and delivery charges which is very useful.

I placed my order at 3.15pm, and I just received it at 4.30pm, not bad, I ordered from Canadian pizza by the way, smells good, going to eat now!

Google Chrome 64-bit


Finally they have a 64-bit version, I am now using it and let's see how much difference it is from the 32-bit version. And recently I encountered a weird problem with the 32-bit version, sometimes Chrome will get stuck at the top left corner of my screen, not sure what I can do to solve the problem, haven't try uninstalling but since the 64-bit version is out, might as well upgrade and see if it's better.

Using Java Keytool to Manage SSL Certs

Set path to java bin folder

The full path is something like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_24\bin

That is because you need to be able to access the keytool.exe in bin folder:

Run cmd as administrator

Make sure you run cmd as administrator or else you won't be able to modify the cacerts:

Change directory to the cacerts directory

In the command prompt, cd to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_24\jre\lib\security

In the directory, you will see a file cacerts, the certs are all stored there.

Listing cacerts

In the command prompt, type:

keytool -list -keystore cacerts

When prompted for password, try changeit, if that doesn't work, try changeme.

You can also add alias to list a specific cert:

keytool -list -alias MyCert -keystore cacerts

Importing cert


keytool -import -alias MyCert -keystore cacerts -file C:\MyCert.cer

Same thing, it will prompt for password, after that it will confirm whether to add, just type yes and press enter.

Deleting cert


keytool -delete…

Data Centre FM Job Not Easy

For those of you in the IT line I'm sure you know what FM means, it's Facility Management, refers to people who work with servers, network, database, basically people who keep your infrastructure up and running smoothly. Today I went to our data centre to deploy some stuff, got stuck there from 2pm until 7pm, was in the server room for about 3 hours and I cannot take it, the aircon is very cold to keep the servers cool, humans are not meant to be inside, and these FM guys have to work inside for long periods because it's their job to check stuff to make sure it's running, they also have to handle many service requests from customers, not easy. I think maybe data centre FM job is tough, I've seen some in-house FM and their job is quite relax, if nothing happens they can just surf net, play games and etc.

Speaking of which, I still haven't finish what I was supposed to do there, shit, so tired, have to go back again, really hate that place, cannot imagine how peo…

So Tired and So Busy!

I wonder if I am stressing out myself for nothing, I look at my colleagues and they take it easy, but I keep feeling that I have so much to do and so little time, have a deadline here and there, then out of nowhere my in-charge gives me something to do, debug some program, check some code bla bla bla, then I get stupid emails and calls from our so-called software developers from Philippines basically asking me to troubleshoot their development environment, can you believe it, they are supposed to be the technical experts, now I'm troubleshooting for them, isn't that ridiculous, it's the first time I that worked with them and these people are terrible, deadline means nothing to them, I don't feel any sense of urgency from them.

I have always been working with China developers and I must say those that I've worked with are very experienced, highly skilled and they can deliver on time. I have a China developer doing some stuff for me now but because he is so good, eve…

Wife Not Pregnant

She checked yesterday with her friend and the result is negative, her friend say check again in two weeks but I don't think my wife is pregnant because she just told me her menstruation is here, if pregnant she won't have menstruation, I think we will try again after that.

Suddenly I thought what if she cannot get pregnant again, I read some sad cases where after miscarriage some women have difficulty conceiving again, I hope that is not the case for my wife, but if really like that so be it, the two of us can still live happily together, just that having one more person with us will probably make our household more lively, I can't imagine how it would be like when both of us are in our 40s or 50s and there's only two of us, sounds boring huh. I'll let nature take its course, no point thinking too much.