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Might & Magic X: Legacy - Where to Find Titan Leggings

It can be found in Act 2, after coming out of Seahaven, navigate to coordinates 53,53 on the area map. Once you enter the dungeon, take the teleporters in the following sequence: Left Middle Left Left Left Middle Right

How I Spent My Lunar New Year Day 1

Woke up at about 11.30am, cooked up the leftover food from yesterday's feast and had a fulfilling meal, but I think we bought too much food, maybe I shouldn't have ordered the chicken, duck and pork, doesn't taste that good after one day and night, I think best is to eat it fresh. Yesterday's steamboat was decent though, fresh ingredients, hot soup, it's the best. So me and wife went to a temple, she wanted to do some praying for good luck, after that we went to Tampines One, Tampines Mall and Century Square scouting for a nice restaurant, and we ended up at Sakae Sushi, I think we were the only dine-in customers there, I saw the staff busy preparing takeaways and their delivery staff looks shocked at the number of packages, so many packs of Yu Sheng and Sushi sets packed in nice looking red bags. I also saw that they have a few promotional packages from $130+ to $198+, looks good, maybe next year we can order something similar for reunion dinner, or we could even

My Chinese New Year Ang Pao Preparation

I think I can no longer receive Ang Pao, from what I know married people are supposed to give instead of take, which makes sense since I have been receiving from my uncles and aunties ever since I was a kid, all the way until I got married. So previous years I didn't really give out much because I hardly made any visit, only went to my second uncle's house, another thing is, we don't get along well with our relatives, but we are okay with my mother's side, by the way my mom came from Malacca, she is now a Singapore citizen, I just feel that relatives over her side are so much nicer. You can read my post about rich relatives and you'll probably understand. My plan is to give $250 to my father, $250 to my mother, $10 to my nephew, $10 to my niece, they are very naughty by the way so I don't want to give them too much, never seen such rude kids ever, ultra annoying, even throw water at my wife's face, call me rude names, really si gin na, anyway and I'

Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMART) launches first Singapore-developed driver...

My Father's Friends are Really Nice to Him

Last weekend, my father brought home a gift hamper and a whole box of mandarin oranges, I think the hamper is quite expensive because I see a box of bird's nest, a bottle of liquor, mushrooms and many other goodies, he said it's a gift from his friend. The next day, he brought home another box of mandarin oranges, a different brand this time, also a gift from his friend. Today he brought home 2 packages of Fragrance Bak Kwa, 500g each and a whole pot of chicken curry, yeah, you read that right, a whole pot. I heard from my father that this friend of his is in the economy rice business, I remember he also cooked a whole pot of chicken curry for my father's last birthday, actually he cooked the curry for my father quite a few times already, me and my wife liked his curry very much, it is definitely one of the best chicken curry I have ever tasted, spiciness is just nice, smooth gravy, goes very well with rice, tender chicken, soft potatoes, not too oily, yummy, I could dri

Anton Casey Left Singapore with Family

It sure escalated fast, I remember reading about his comments on Facebook last week and now he has left Singapore with his family. I did a search about him and people were relentlessly bombarding him, even people who were trying to be nice were attacked as well, the wrath of Singapore's netizens is limitless and merciless. I think people are getting overly worked up over this issue, and also being online and without having to face the person himself, it's easier to say whatever you want, and I feel that people just lose control. Anyway his comments were not entirely wrong, the part where he mentioned the stench on our MRT, that's true, our MRT is indeed smelly, being a regular commuter I had to endure the stench of farts, burps, sweat or strange food smells, I'm not saying I never fart nor burp nor sweat, it's just that some people do it on the train, I never fart or burp on the train, I do have the urge sometimes but I can force myself to endure until I leave the

Toto $5M Reunion Draw on 24 Jan 2014

Almost forgot about it, I bought $2 quick pick, just trying my luck, but I'm wondering what I will do if I win, probably set it aside for stocks, imagine I win $5M hahaha, dream on. Anyway there's another Hong Bao Draw on 14 Feb 2014, the price is $10M, remember to buy! $5M Reunion Draw on 24 Jan 2014 9.30pm For the official info, click here .

Thinking of Going for a Cruise

I have no idea where I should go for holiday, been looking at some cruises and I also managed to find a good blog series on a Caribbean cruise, it's a very detailed and after reading it, I felt like I've been there, but actually I've never been on a cruise. Come to think of it, a cruise sounds like a good idea, the ship is like a city by itself, it's so big, plenty of facilities, food and accommodation covered, entertainment covered, there's even a casino, pool, rock climbing etc etc etc, very tempting, the best part is when the ship docks, I can take a shore trip, wow. Now let me check it out more,  maybe I would go in March or April.

Airasia 20% Discount

Yesterday I was talking about Airasia tickets for 4 from Singapore to Bangkok (Don Mueang) to Udon Thani and back costing almost $1700, today they came out with a 20% discount, but the discount applies only to the base fare, excluding the airport charges, so a $125 ticket becomes $110.40. I ran a check again and the total cost comes up to about $1460, it's cheaper but still over my budget, actually I was thinking of maybe $1200, and maybe $1400 max, don't really want to spend so much on the tickets. I think I will wait, who knows they might come up with more discounts since the situation in Bangkok is becoming more uncertain and chaotic. Worse comes to worst, we will skip the holiday and save the money, so maybe I'll give more ang pao for my parents, and give my wife more allowance, and I will have more money to invest, everyone will be happy ;)

Maybe Not Going to Thailand this April

I was talking about planning a trip to Thailand this coming April, the air tickets costs around $1700 for 4 person to and fro, damn expensive, that's $400+ per head, and it's only for air tickets, doesn't seem like a good way to spend my money. Note that it includes air tickets to and from Udon Thani, it's all to play safe, fly from Singapore to Don Mueang to Udon, no need to leave the airport, mainly it's for safety reason because I really don't know when the protests will end, who knows it could drag on and get more violent. If it was more peaceful, we could have considered taking a bus to Udon instead, but with the current situation seeming spiraling out of control, no. Now I'm thinking where we should go for holiday, maybe Genting Highlands is a good idea? I ran a quick check, transport plus accommodation for 4 person is around $500, compare to $1700 just for air tickets, and we would have plenty of cash for spending, why not. Got to save some money

Gangnam Style - PSY (Jayesslee Cover)

I didn't know Gangnam style can be performed like this! It's very soothing, very nice to listen to after a day's work, check it out!

SingPost and Prudential Partnership?

If you are going to Singapore Post Centre at Paya Lebar, please be mindful that they have Prudential staff stationed there. Today when I was there, I assumed everyone there was SingPost staff, now I don't even know if the lady who attended to me was SingPost or Prudential staff, so anyway when I entered the building, a lady approached me and I thought how nice of her to be so proactive, she helped me with my parcel collection enquiry and also asked if I have got a new medishield thingy, and she sounded like I might have missed out something awesome and so she introduced me to another lady. I was thinking how come SingPost is doing insurance nowadays. So I spoke to the second lady, she asked for my SingPass id, I typed in the password, and after talking to her for a while she told me she is from Prudential, and it's a partnership between them and SingPost, man I was shocked. So she tried to sell me their shield plan but I told her I am already covered by NTUC Incom

Parcel Sent from Thailand

My mother-in-law bought some supplement for my wife, it was sent from Thailand on 07 Jan 2014 via Thailand Post using EMS. This morning she still have not receive the parcel and since we are going to ICA, we also made a trip to Singapore Post Centre at Paya Lebar to check. The staff there asked for our tracking id (the Thailand Post EMS tracking id) and my wife's identity card (her LTVP+), so she checked and found that the parcel has been dispatched to our residence. And indeed, we saw the parcel on the common desk when we reached home, guess my mom signed on my wife's behalf. This is what the Thailand Post tracking looks like for those interested, Thailand Post Tracking The total weight is 240 grams, total cost is around 5000 Baht (about 192.77 SGD) so no need to pay GST (if the total value including postage costs more than 400 SGD, need to pay GST, details here ).

Update Passport Details to ICA after Renewal

Earlier on, Singapore Thai embassy informed my wife that her passport is ready for collection , so yesterday she went to collect but I forgot to tell her that she also need to update her passport details to ICA as it is a terms and condition of long term pass, Terms & Conditions of Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) "You are required to notify ICA if there is any change in your passport particulars or place of residence within 14 days of the change . You can report a change of address online through your local sponsor via e-Update of Address." And seems like I can only update address online, can't find any function to perform passport update, so I accompanied my wife to ICA today. The process is very simple. 1. Photocopy both the old and new passports' page with photograph, and also photocopy front and back of the LTVP/LTVP+. 2. Proceed to the counter at Level 4 Visitor Services Centre, go to the left side where there is a blue uniformed officer, only that offic

Duck, Chicken and Pork for Chinese New Year

This year for the first time ever, I ordered a roasted duck, a roasted chicken and half kilo roasted pork, in the past my parents used to buy it, now I have sort of taken over that. So today I went to get the bill and made payment, total was $77; 35 for duck, 24 for chicken and 18 for pork. I thought of ordering 1 kilo for the pork but it was too big, don't think we can finish it, we still have steam boat and some other food.

My Wife's Thai Passport is Ready for Collection

She went to renew her passport at the Singapore Thai Embassy on 23 Dec 2013, so after about 18 days, which is today, she received a phone call from the embassy saying her passport is ready for collection. I think it was quite fast because with the protests going on in Bangkok and news of shutdown, I thought everything would be slower, I was even a bit worried her passport would not be processed if the Thai government got shut down, but luckily it wasn't that bad. My wife also said the staff at the Thai embassy are very rude, I went there once and the lady who attended to us was really rude, it's like she hated her job and she's still got to do it anyway kind of attitude, I thought government staff should be more well trained in terms of attitude since they are representing their country, strange, even weirder is Thai people you meet on the streets in Thailand are much more friendlier.

Sheng Siong Boss Mother Kidnapped

Source Wow big news, people actually have the guts to kidnap people in Singapore, furthermore the two kidnappers are Singaporeans. I wonder what made them resort to something so drastic, kidnapping carries the death penalty. Kidnapping Act "Abduction, wrongful restraint or wrongful confinement for ransom 3.  Whoever, with intent to hold any person for ransom, abducts or wrongfully restrains or wrongfully confines that person shall be guilty of an offence and shall be punished on conviction with death or imprisonment for life and shall, if he is not sentenced to death, also be liable to caning." In other countries maybe they can get away with it but Singapore is such a small place, where can they hide? And the ransom amount was $2 million, how are they going to get away with such a big sum of cash? I think those 2 guys did it without thinking, very foolish.

Did Away with Google Docs for Stocks

Found that using spreadsheet is really troublesome, have to do a lot of calculations myself and I'm not really the kind who likes to waste time re-inventing the wheel so I found a good portfolio management tool, it's free and it's got a lot of those cool graphs and charts and statistics all generated for you as long as you key in your transactions, so if you are interested, you can create an account at i3investor . It's something like Google Finance, but I think it's more sleek and the price quotes are more accurate because seems like Google Finance will only show up to 2 decimal places, for example a share price is $1.115, but Google rounds it up and shows it as $1.12. You can check out My Stocks , it's now friendlier to the eyes and easier for me to manage!

Dream Wedding and a $90,000 Debt

Source Learned about this story from SG Talk, the couple spent $110,000 on their wedding, wow, $110k, it's a lot of money to me, and to spend it for one day is just out of my league, even if it's within my capability I don't think I will spend like that. Let's look at their debts. They borrowed: $45,000 from a financial institution with a repayment period of two years. $4,000 from a licensed moneylender. $11,000 from a relative. $30,000 via credit cards. Their total debt is $90,000. Also note that the couple had savings of $20,000. So what did they pay for? $12,000 for bridal arch. $75,960 for 45 tables at 6 star hotel (1 table $1688++ but I use 45*1688=75,960). $22,040 for bridal photography, make-up, hair-styling and videography (not sure how much they spent on this so I use $110k-$12k-$75,960). $110,000 and it doesn't include the honeymoon, "They spent so much that Mrs Lee's other dream - a honeymoon in Europe - had to be put off.

Singapore Bank Interest Rate is Pathetic

On 31 Dec 2013, I have a balance of $4753.91 in my POSB bank account; it's the old type of savings account opened when I was in primary school and that was about 18 or 19 years ago, good thing about this account is there is no fall-below fee. So I checked and found that they paid me $1.21 for interest, that's like 0.025% , hahahaha, that's why never ever keep your money in the bank, what a waste of potential. You may argue that the way I calculate is wrong, I should calculate by month and such, but no matter how you do it, it's still ridiculously low. So the moral of the story is, invest, in equities, in gold, in whatever else, but always determine your risk appetite first, know exactly what kind of investor you are, how much risk you can or is willing to take, it's not just oh have money just whack, if in doubt, ask, there are plenty of places to ask like sgtalk, hardwarezone stocks, i3investor and etc, there are always people willing to share their knowledge.

9th Straight Gain for STI

Today is the 9th straight gain for STI since 18 Dec 2013, now I'm wondering how long will the winning streak last, but of course volatility in the market is common, even if it does go down, I'm wondering how the whole rally thing will go about, will it break 3200, or even 3300 or more? One thing I'm quite sure of is it won't go below 3100 without any good reason, unless there is another penny stock crash, or Kim Jong Un starts his war talk again, or the Thai political crisis turns into a civil war, or due to some other unforeseeable causes, but I expect no problem coming from the US side, I'm sure they have grown out of their childish squabbles and come to realize that their economy and world economies are far more important. Actually unforeseeable causes will hit the markets the hardest, reason is very simple, people are not prepared for it, throw in some fear mongering and the worlds markets will tremble. I'm sure there will be some event that will pop up in

New Year Day and My Back Hurts!

Yesterday night after watching movie suddenly my lower back hurts, put some Yoko Yoko and seems to reduce the pain a bit but it's still painful if I stand up or sit down. This morning the pain is still there, put some more Yoko, now I think feels a little better, don't feel like going anywhere though, maybe I'll watch movie again ;) New year, just another day passed, another year passed, like no feeling, oh wait, the only feeling is inflation, price hike everywhere.