29 January 2014

My Chinese New Year Ang Pao Preparation

I think I can no longer receive Ang Pao, from what I know married people are supposed to give instead of take, which makes sense since I have been receiving from my uncles and aunties ever since I was a kid, all the way until I got married.

So previous years I didn't really give out much because I hardly made any visit, only went to my second uncle's house, another thing is, we don't get along well with our relatives, but we are okay with my mother's side, by the way my mom came from Malacca, she is now a Singapore citizen, I just feel that relatives over her side are so much nicer. You can read my post about rich relatives and you'll probably understand.

My plan is to give $250 to my father, $250 to my mother, $10 to my nephew, $10 to my niece, they are very naughty by the way so I don't want to give them too much, never seen such rude kids ever, ultra annoying, even throw water at my wife's face, call me rude names, really si gin na, anyway and I'm going to prepare Ang Paos of 10x $4 in case I need to give to some kids of relatives that appear, I will most definitely just stay home or go take a stroll with my wife so most likely the 10x $4 will never get utilize like previous years because probably only my father's youngest sister and his husband will visit, maybe my father's eldest brother's daughter will visit with her kids, that's about it.

Oh and why I'm giving so much to my parents is because we are not going for any holiday this year so after discussing with my wife, we decided to just give more in Ang Pao, makes everyone happy. So tomorrow I will work half day, my wife will collect the duck, chicken and pork, we'll have reunion dinner with my family, unfortunately also with my evil nephew and niece and next will be first day of CNY!

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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