21 February 2014

A Few Thoughts After My In-Camp Training

After going back for so many in-camp trainings, I noticed that things have improved a lot, nowadays we in-pro and out-pro very quickly unlike in the past we can take more than an hour for each process, super waste of time, they even make us sign in and out so everybody had to queue up, now we just have to let them scan our id card and that's it.

The cookhouse food have also improved a lot, used to be managed by Singapore Food industries, their food really sucks, now it's managed by SATS, I can see the standard seems to have improved a bit but there's still room for improvement, well, when you mass cook, the quality will always be substandard, but I heard one meal is $6.50, it's not cheap so I expect the quality to be higher.

The emart have also improved, more and better items available, problem is they don't have air-con, mindef only gave them a small space, don't even want to provide air-conditioning, heard from the cashier the space is rented from mindef so I think mindef should provide a better facility, their boss don't want to pay for the air-con, that I can understand because they don't own the space, what if they can't get the space in the future, won't they lose their investment? Kind of funny when mindef can spend so much money to buy planes and whatever crap but can't spare money to install air-con, it can get really hot when there are so many soldiers inside.

Last week I saw a bunch of NSF booking out on Friday, around 4 or 5pm, during my time, we can only book out on Saturday, sometimes we can only book out after lunch, by then half a day gone, but I think it's better now, NSF life have improved so I'm happy for them, at least I know in future if I have a son, his life in service won't be as bad as mine.

We went to a camp with advanced firing facilities, they called it "multi-tiered range", actually there are only 2 tiers, top and bottom, it means that up to 10 firers can shoot at the top, another 10 at the bottom, so at any point of time up to 20 firers can train at the same time, it's an indoor facility so we can even switch off the lights to simulate night shooting, I remember we used to have to wait until the sun goes down before we can do our night shoot, really stupid, didn't anyone thought of this decades ago? Something as simple as switching off the lights? That's what happens when everybody is forced to follow instructions, in my time, innovation is taboo, our instructors call innovation "act smart", I think this is common in Singapore, just look at how our kids study and learn.

As for the shooting, they gave us 3 magazines of 5 rounds, really stupid, in wartime are they really going to give us that? Why don't they just give one magazine of 15 rounds instead so we don't have to reload? I really don't understand the point of that, if they want us to practice reloading, then let's just practice reloading, make us count how many rounds we have expended for what? In wartime are we going to count? I think everyone will just try to aim for a target and shoot until out and then reload, which idiot will bring so many magazines of 5 rounds and keep reloading?

I hope they cut down on ICT, no more 7 high 3 low, just let everyone go after 5 high 3 low, no point wasting our time after we ORD, I don't mind throwing away 2 years of my life but just let me off as soon as possible after that, I'm really sick and tired of ICT and just want to focus on my own life.

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Anonymous said...

Singapore already lack military manpower and you still KPO about wanting to get out of ICT. BE A MAN!!! DO YOUR PART IN PROTECTING SINGAPORE!