23 February 2014

View 2-Room Resale Flat at Jalan Kukoh

Today the agent called me and arranged a viewing, just nice me and wife was heading to Chinatown to eat the famous An Ji Fish Head, so we headed there afterwards. By the way we ordered the sweet and sour fish head and some fried chicken wings, really good, the fish head was very fresh, the chicken wings very crispy and fragrant, the meal costed $21, satisfied.

Once we reached there, we noticed that the void deck area was very quiet, maybe because today is a Sunday? Anyway, we waited a while and the agent arrived, nice fella, he brought us up to level 4, there was an open space playground, it's on top of a multi-storey carpark linked to the block. Then he brought along another potential buyer, a single lady, so we went up to view the flat.

The flat has been upgraded in year 2000, HDB added another room behind the kitchen, just a small space, I estimate it's about 6 to 6.25sqm, large enough to fit in one king size bed but there's not much walking space. There's one room for toilet and one room for shower, just a very small space each. The kitchen is mostly original condition except that the owner added some cabinets, by the way the kitchen sink is blocking the laundry area, really awkward. The living room looks okay though, renovated, the bedroom also looks okay but very dark even with the light switched. Another problem, there's a tap and drainage on the floor in the living room area before entering the kitchen, the agent said because the owner shifted the kitchen behind so the living room will be bigger, that's why the kitchen is very small, wonder why the owner didn't remove the tap and drainage.

After discussing with wife, we will need to change the kitchen flooring, take out all the cabinets, relocate the sink, combine the toilet and shower rooms so that it's bigger i.e. tear down the wall, take out the tap and drainage in the living room, take out all the built-in desk and cupboards, we don't like built-in features, too rigid and makes the whole place smaller.

The valuation is $265K but expired, agent said he will get a new one, price should be pretty much the same, probably $5K difference or remain the same. Anyway owner is looking at $18K COV, to be honest, we don't have that much, even if we have, we will still offer to buy at valuation price because in the end we still have to renovate, the only good thing about this unit is the location, walking distance to my office and Chinatown. The other buyer I think she also won't offer high as well because I'm sure she also realized that there's much renovation to be done.


Anonymous said...

Do you know u can buy a 2 rm BTO from HDB after you turn 35?

250k for a 2 room is over kill. new BTO only costs half of that.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yeah, but that would be 4 years later as I'm only 31 this year.