05 March 2014

4 days MC

When I went to work on Monday I felt okay but while I was bending forward to wash my face in the gents, I felt a sharp pain and a click sound coming from my lower back area. After that, I went back to my seat and as I sat down, I can feel my lower back area getting sore and when I tried to stand up, I can't stand up quickly as usual, I had to pause for a while because my lower back area felt very tight and painful. So during lunch time I went to a nearby pharmacy and got some plasters, not effective though, the pain persisted but luckily we had a briefing session near my home so I went for it so I can go home early to rest, I put on plasters, applied pain relief cream and hoped for the best.

But the pain is still there and even got worse, it is especially painful when I am trying to stand up from a sitting or squatting position, so yesterday I went to see my GP again, he asked me whether I still have his painkillers and I said yes, so he prescribed some muscle relaxant and gave me one day MC. I went home, ate the medicines, my father gave me some powerful cream that his friend brought for him from Thailand, my wife applied the cream and gave me a good massage, she also put on some plasters, and again I hoped for the best.

Unfortunately the pain still persists this morning, so I went to the polyclinic, doctor say it is muscle issue, I asked him whether it could be my backbone problem and he said if there is fracture, I won't be able to walk and it is unlikely because the pain did not come from trauma, I also told him the pain first started when I did sit up on hard ground the week before. By the way I did only 20 sit ups. Anyway he gave me painkillers and some special plasters. My wife put on the plasters for me and it seems to make my pain worse, now I feel pain even while walking. He also asked if I want 2 or 3 days MC, I thought might as well take 3, and if I feel better I can go back early, but I don't think my back will be okay so fast.

Now I'm lying on the bed typing this post using my wife's iPad, can't even sit down, now that I think of it, I might have sat too much, in office sit, at home sit, I think somehow that hurts my lower back, especially my home chair does not have cushion, I think I should get a new chair.

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