31 March 2014

Blogging As Additional Source of Income

Today while having nothing much to do at work, I looked back on my blogging history and realized that I started this blog in Feb 2011, slightly over 3 years ago. Then I looked at my Adsense monthly earnings, it was miserable, first 6 months was $0 because I hardly blog at that time, then following few months was a few cents, $1+, then a few cents, still pathetic but at least there is improvement, a few cents is still more than $0!

Then I made a lot of posts last year, in fact I made 257 posts in the year 2013! Wow, I surprised even myself, and with the increased posts, I noticed that my monthly earnings increased as well, from a few cents to $2+, to $3+ and to $4+! That's a lot of improvement, I know it's still pathetic but hey, at least I don't see a few cents anymore!

And in Jan 2014, I broke the $8 mark, and this month of March, I broke the $9 mark! I wasn't even thinking of breaking the $5 mark but look at me now, I crossed $9, I think if I keep blogging and bring interesting contents to people, blogging as additional source of income is very much possible. I think I might even be able to collect a cheque from Google this year, I thought I might have to wait for 2 more years but looking at my progress, this year is possible.

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