14 March 2014

Changes for Resale Procedure (Update)

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So previously I said I emailed HDB to confirm whether I can proceed to pay for the option and exercise it tomorrow, they say can, following is the response from HDB:

We refer to your email of 11 March 2014.

2 If the sellers grant you the Option To Purchase on 15 March 2014, you may use the existing valuation report which was obtained before the announcement on 10 March 2014 @ 5pm for your flat purchase. This is provided that you and the sellers submit the complete resale application to HDB within the 3 months validity period of the valuation report (i.e. before 24 March 2014).

Very clear, so tomorrow I will meet the seller and hand him $5000 cold hard cash, hehehe, never in my life have I carried so much money, hope I don't get robbed.


Anonymous said...

Now I know you carrying 5k with you.... watch out! hahahhaha..... All the best bro, smooth smooth journey....

Regards, Tulanboy

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Haha, thanks man, anyway the deal went through smoothly, just waiting for the first appointment.

Enjoy your weekend ;)