11 March 2014

KNN Low Key Training Again! WTF! (Update)

My previous post.

So this morning someone from the army called me, not sure who he is but he sounded like a polite lad and he told me that my coming in-camp training should be a high key instead and sounds like there is some sort of a cock-up, my ICT should be 8 days instead of 6 days, I guess somehow the wrong dates got released to the notification system. After that he told me they haven't decided yet on how to inform us, maybe they will update ns.sg or they will send everybody a paper notice.

Then later in the afternoon someone from the army called me again, he sounded like the same guy from morning, this time he sounded like the notification system, he told me my annual ICT is high key and it's from XX day to XX day and I asked him whether I will receive any official notification because I need to update my company, I was thinking how come army so cheap have to get someone to pretend to be the notification system, then he told me they will update ns.sg, great. Very humorous guy, anyway I think he can understand how fed up I was, come on, basket I have so many low keys and still give me low keys for fish, doesn't make sense right, but I'm just glad it's a high key.

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