30 April 2014

Accumulate $100,000 By 30 Years Old?

Today I came across this article regarding accumulating $100,000 by 30 years old, by the way the original article is from Straits Times, you can find it here. Of course it's possible but it doesn't apply to everyone, I hope people don't go ahead and think that it's a benchmark, there are too many variables to consider.

Let's look at the numbers:
1. Accumulate $100,000 by 30 years old.
2. Start work at 25 years old.
2. Earn $3050 per month as starting salary.
3. Get 4.5% increment per year.
4. Get 3 months bonus per year.

The article also says if you save 20% of your take-home pay and depending on whether you invest or not, you can accumulate between $49,000 to $53,700 by 30 years old. But in order to achieve or cross $100,000, you have to save at least 50% of your take-home pay, and the article also mentioned the following which is very important:

"With some effort, young people can achieve this, especially if they do not have heavy commitments such as study loans, mortgages or young children.

They also save on rental if they live with their parents, and it is an extra plus if their parents do not need their financial support."

So please don't stress yourself if you don't happen to have at least $100,000 by 30 years old, I also don't have that amount when I was 30 years old, now I'm 31 and I still don't have that amount and life goes on, but doesn't mean I shouldn't try to accumulate wealth, I always try to save, see I'm still using the stupid Nokia 1280 because I feel that a smartphone with data plan is not a necessity, seriously how many of you use it more for useful activities than for playing games, watch video or Facebook?

And I think that for non-degree holders to hit $3000 a month is a bit tough, I remember in year 2010 my salary was $2200 as a diploma holder, at the end of that year, my employer increased my salary by $100, that time I also happen to submit my degree, after that they revised the increment to $650, a whopping $550 difference. So assuming from $2200 in 2010, every year until now my employer only increase my salary by $100, by now I would only be earning $2600, but actually now I'm earning $3480, see the difference.

However note that I'm not trying to say getting a degree is always good, my company happen to set salary according to grading, and grading goes by paper qualification. I have a friend who has a business degree but he landed on a job that paid him $2200 or $2500, he didn't stay long of course, now he is helping out at his family business.

28 April 2014

Sheng Siong Closed at $0.63

Hmm, not bad, in the green as expected, now I wonder how long will the rally last, but it's still quite surprising because STI closed at 24.86 points lower. Next is Lippo malls, I think after their results announcement in May, their share price will surge because they are making a profit, I haven't seen their results yet but I am very confident because Indonesia has a huge and growing economy, let's see.

27 April 2014

Спортивный Киев ( Street Workout In Russia and Ukraine )

Posh violinist Lettice Rowbotham gives the Judges something new | Britai...

OneRepublic - Counting Stars

Bedok Reservoir Sheng Siong Business So Good

Just now I went to there so many people, I think because of the lucky draw, anyway their profit for first quarter of 2014 went up 11.5% compared to the same quarter last year, not bad, that 11.5% is about $4.6M. And with their latest results, their share price also climbed up to $0.62 from $0.595, also not bad, I think next few weeks will go higher, too bad I didn't buy more, sigh, have to set aside money for my renovation and furnishing, I was worried if I buy I might get stuck for a while, but well, nobody can predict the future ;)

But from what it looks now after their recent general meeting, the price will move up next week, it's being hyped by the share buyback potential, it's 11.5% profit growth and also the lucky draw is back, furthermore they have plenty of spare cash, they can afford to buyback shares, I think it's very possible they will buyback from the market because from now until 2017 (Junction 9), they don't seem to have any other expansion plan, but they have $110M+ sitting around doing nothing, quite likely they will buyback but I don't think they will buy up to 10% of total issued shares, probably 5% to be safe, still need to have spare cash sitting around for possible expansion if suitable space is available.

Resale Purchase Approved!

Ok, the transaction is mostly set now, all I need to do is wait for the hardcopy approval to be sent to me by post and then appear on the 26 of May to settle whatever paperwork that needs to be signed and collect the keys!


25 April 2014

Sigh, Wife's PR Still Pending

Today I checked again and it's still pending, it's already more than 6 months and I wonder how long more do we have to wait, I read in forums some people waited for 7 or 9 months! But I think ICA guys are really busy, so many foreigners so many applications of course they will take forever to process. I also read somewhere that they receive a few hundred thousand PR applications a year! I wonder they manage, do they have a team of people going through each application one by one?

I really hope one day I get to work on their system so I know how they process PR applications. Actually if they have a list of criteria, why not just use a software to run through every application, wouldn't it save time? Sigh, I can only guess, sometimes I feel that ICA is like a secret organization, everything so secretive, why be so afraid of people manipulating the system when ultimately they are the authority and they can reject an application if they find it to be manipulating the system?

Qiito is An Adult Website?!?

Well, I consider the founder of Qiito my very good friend, even though our relationship was brief but I learned a lot from him, things that you probably cannot find in school textbooks, he also pointed me to the right direction in terms of career path and investment, and I actually made money from my CPF investment thanks to him, and I'm glad that he is doing well now, he deserves it.

And since my discovery of SimilarWeb yesterday, I have been throwing in addresses of different websites to see their ranking, of course I tried Qiito and to my horror, it is categorized as an adult website i.e. PORN SITE, what the hell.

Qiito Categorized as Adult

With The Likes of These Sites!

I have been to Qiito a few times so I know it's definitely not an adult site, it is obviously a travel-related site, but luckily SimilarWeb allows visitors to suggest a different category so I did my part and suggested "TRAVEL", I hope they will pick it up soon and change the category accordingly.

And I hope my post can bring more traffic to Qiito, well, this is one way I can repay someone who helped me!

24 April 2014

Alternative to Alexa

Today while surfing the net, I came across this new web ranking website named SimilarWeb, it looks better than Alexa, let's see how my blog ranks.


It's pretty close to what Alexa ranked me, at 3,729,259, but it does better by showing my
Singapore ranking, Alexa don't show my Singapore ranking probably because they don't have enough data. And even though both are estimates, I think it's always good to have more than one perspective.

Starhub Fibre Outage!

Just now from about 7.45pm to 9.30pm, the internet link seems to be down, I thought my home gateway is faulty again but it's not, the lights are blinking green and looks normal, I tried to call the technical line but unable to get through, I think we are not the only one affected because my mother tried calling 1634 (no idea what it's for) and the lady on the line says the technical line is experiencing heavy call volume, so I think my guess is correct, something went wrong somewhere and they got bombarded with calls.

And luckily it's working now, hahaha, they solve the problem very fast, that's why I like Starhub.

2-Room Resale HDB Flat Prices from Apr 2013 to Apr 2014

I compiled a list of the 2-room prices since last year, hope somebody will find it useful. Take note that the Remaining lease is as at year 2014.

Lease Start
Remaining Lease
Resale Price
Resale Date
112 Ho Ching Rd01 to 0557197055$230,000.00 May-13$4,035.09
191 Boon Lay Dr01 to 0548197863$230,000.00 Jun-13$4,791.67
990A Jurong West St 9306 to 1056200893$280,000.00 Nov-13$5,000.00
52 Lor 6 Toa Payoh06 to 1052198368$263,000.00 Apr-14$5,057.69
61 Lor 5 Toa Payoh01 to 0554196752$273,500.00 Jan-14$5,064.81
10 Jln Kukoh06 to 1053197156$275,000.00 Jul-13$5,188.68
51 Lor 6 Toa Payoh11 to 1550198368$260,000.00 Apr-14$5,200.00
81 Macpherson Lane01 to 0550196853$260,000.00 Dec-13$5,200.00
9 Jln Kukoh01 to 0555198267$287,000.00 Apr-14$5,218.18
8 Jln Kukoh06 to 1054197156$282,000.00 May-13$5,222.22
8 Jln Kukoh06 to 1053197156$278,000.00 Oct-13$5,245.28
191 Boon Lay Dr01 to 0544197863$232,000.00 Jun-13$5,272.73
51 Lor 6 Toa Payoh01 to 0550198368$265,000.00 Apr-14$5,300.00
82 C'Wealth Cl01 to 0546196752$245,000.00 Mar-14$5,326.09
218 Marsiling Cres01 to 0545198671$242,000.00 Apr-13$5,377.78
8 Jln Kukoh11 to 1553197156$286,000.00 Dec-13$5,396.23
91 C'Wealth Dr01 to 0548196752$260,000.00 Oct-13$5,416.67
8 Jln Kukoh06 to 1053197156$288,000.00 Sep-13$5,433.96
32 Balam Rd01 to 0546197358$250,000.00 Feb-14$5,434.78
83 C'Wealth Cl01 to 0546196752$250,000.00 Mar-14$5,434.78
8 Jln Kukoh16 to 2054197156$293,890.00 Jul-13$5,442.41
302B Anchorvale Link06 to 1045200792$245,000.00 Dec-13$5,444.44
63 Circuit Rd01 to 0545196752$245,000.00 Jan-14$5,444.44
9 Jln Kukoh06 to 1054198267$296,000.00 Jul-13$5,481.48
51 Lor 6 Toa Payoh01 to 0550198368$275,000.00 Oct-13$5,500.00
30 Balam Rd06 to 1046197358$253,000.00 Jul-13$5,500.00
82 Macpherson Lane06 to 1050196853$275,000.00 Jun-13$5,500.00
61 Lor 5 Toa Payoh01 to 0554196752$297,000.00 Apr-13$5,500.00
534 Bedok Nth St 301 to 0545198671$248,000.00 Mar-14$5,511.11
39 Circuit Rd06 to 1047197156$260,000.00 Jul-13$5,531.91
44 Tanglin Halt Rd01 to 0546197358$255,000.00 Apr-14$5,543.48
81 C'Wealth Cl01 to 0546196752$255,000.00 Mar-14$5,543.48
302B Anchorvale Link01 to 0545200792$250,000.00 Apr-14$5,555.56
16 Marsiling Lane06 to 1045198469$250,000.00 Dec-13$5,555.56
101 Bedok Nth Ave 406 to 1045197863$250,000.00 Feb-14$5,555.56
68 Circuit Rd01 to 0545196954$250,000.00 May-13$5,555.56
7 Jln Batu01 to 0550197055$278,000.00 Oct-13$5,560.00
81 C'Wealth Cl01 to 0546196752$257,000.00 Dec-13$5,586.96
96 C'Wealth Cres01 to 0547197055$263,000.00 Dec-13$5,595.74
51 Lor 6 Toa Payoh06 to 1050198368$280,000.00 Oct-13$5,600.00
9 Jln Batu01 to 0550197055$280,888.00 Dec-13$5,617.76
188 Boon Lay Dr01 to 0537197863$208,000.00 May-13$5,621.62
7 Jln Batu01 to 0548197055$270,000.00 Mar-14$5,625.00
8 Jln Batu01 to 0548197055$270,000.00 Mar-14$5,625.00
7 Jln Batu01 to 0548197055$270,000.00 Jun-13$5,625.00
9 Jln Kukoh11 to 1555198267$310,000.00 Jan-14$5,636.36
7 Jln Batu06 to 1050197055$282,000.00 Sep-13$5,640.00
60 C'Wealth Dr01 to 0546198368$260,000.00 Oct-13$5,652.17
35 Tanglin Halt Rd01 to 0546197358$260,000.00 Jul-13$5,652.17
81 Macpherson Lane11 to 1550196853$283,000.00 Apr-13$5,660.00
8 Jln Kukoh16 to 2053197156$300,000.00 Oct-13$5,660.38
620 Bedok Reservoir Rd01 to 0545198671$255,000.00 Jan-14$5,666.67
16 Marsiling Lane06 to 1045198469$255,000.00 Mar-14$5,666.67
72 Circuit Rd01 to 0545196954$255,000.00 Mar-14$5,666.67
63 Circuit Rd06 to 1045196752$255,000.00 Apr-13$5,666.67
9 Jln Batu06 to 1048197055$273,000.00 Aug-13$5,687.50
28 Tanglin Halt Rd06 to 1046197055$262,000.00 Mar-14$5,695.65
99 C'Wealth Cres01 to 0543197055$245,000.00 Nov-13$5,697.67
8 Jln Batu06 to 1050197055$285,000.00 Apr-13$5,700.00
96 Aljunied Cres06 to 1045197964$257,000.00 Oct-13$5,711.11
29 Tanglin Halt Rd01 to 0542197055$240,000.00 Mar-14$5,714.29
72 Circuit Rd01 to 0542196954$240,000.00 Dec-13$5,714.29
25 Tanglin Halt Rd01 to 0542196954$240,000.00 Nov-13$5,714.29
9 Jln Batu06 to 1050197055$286,000.00 Oct-13$5,720.00
16 Marsiling Lane11 to 1545198469$258,000.00 Oct-13$5,733.33
30 Balam Rd06 to 1046197358$265,000.00 Sep-13$5,760.87
30 Balam Rd06 to 1046197358$265,000.00 Jul-13$5,760.87
27 Tanglin Halt Rd06 to 1046197358$265,000.00 Jan-14$5,760.87
514 Bedok Nth Ave 201 to 0545197964$260,000.00 Feb-14$5,777.78
40 Circuit Rd06 to 1045197156$260,000.00 Dec-13$5,777.78
55 C'Wealth Dr01 to 0546197055$266,000.00 Jul-13$5,782.61
58 Lor 4 Toa Payoh06 to 1044196752$255,000.00 Mar-14$5,795.45
51 Lor 6 Toa Payoh06 to 1050198368$290,000.00 Apr-13$5,800.00
36 Tanglin Halt Rd01 to 0546197156$267,000.00 Aug-13$5,804.35
28 Hoy Fatt Rd06 to 1047196752$273,000.00 Mar-14$5,808.51
31 Tanglin Halt Rd01 to 0542197358$244,000.00 Apr-14$5,809.52
617 Bedok Reservoir Rd01 to 0545198671$261,500.00 Oct-13$5,811.11
8 Jln Kukoh06 to 1053197156$308,000.00 Oct-13$5,811.32
52 Lor 6 Toa Payoh01 to 0543198368$250,000.00 Feb-14$5,813.95
58 Lor 4 Toa Payoh01 to 0543196752$250,000.00 Jun-13$5,813.95
101 Bedok Nth Ave 411 to 1545197863$262,000.00 Apr-14$5,822.22
58 C'Wealth Dr06 to 1046197358$268,000.00 Nov-13$5,826.09
44 Tanglin Halt Rd01 to 0546197358$268,000.00 Jun-13$5,826.09
83 C'Wealth Cl06 to 1046196752$268,000.00 Feb-14$5,826.09
70 Circuit Rd06 to 1042196954$245,000.00 Feb-14$5,833.33
620 Bedok Reservoir Rd01 to 0545198671$263,000.00 Jul-13$5,844.44
110 C'Wealth Cres06 to 1047196954$275,000.00 Jun-13$5,851.06
36 Tanglin Halt Rd06 to 1046197156$270,000.00 Oct-13$5,869.57
33 Tanglin Halt Rd06 to 1046197156$270,000.00 Apr-13$5,869.57
82 C'Wealth Cl11 to 1546196752$270,000.00 Nov-13$5,869.57
81 C'Wealth Cl01 to 0546196752$270,000.00 May-13$5,869.57
10 Jln Kukoh06 to 1053197156$312,000.00 Aug-13$5,886.79
302B Anchorvale Link11 to 1545200792$265,000.00 Apr-14$5,888.89
534 Bedok Nth St 311 to 1545198671$265,000.00 Apr-14$5,888.89
45 Telok Blangah Dr01 to 0545197661$265,000.00 Feb-14$5,888.89
302B Anchorvale Link06 to 1044200792$260,000.00 Jun-13$5,909.09
406 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1001 to 0544197964$260,000.00 Mar-14$5,909.09
314 Ang Mo Kio Ave 301 to 0544197863$260,000.00 Aug-13$5,909.09
8 Lor Lew Lian01 to 0544197863$260,000.00 Mar-14$5,909.09
62 Circuit Rd06 to 1045196752$267,000.00 Apr-13$5,933.33
43 Tanglin Halt Rd01 to 0546197156$273,000.00 Nov-13$5,934.78
534 Bedok Nth St 301 to 0545198671$268,000.00 Mar-14$5,955.56
96 Aljunied Cres01 to 0545197964$268,000.00 Jul-13$5,955.56
18 Taman Ho Swee01 to 0549197055$292,000.00 Aug-13$5,959.18
81 Macpherson Lane11 to 1550196853$298,000.00 Apr-13$5,960.00
43 Circuit Rd01 to 0541197156$245,000.00 May-13$5,975.61
302B Anchorvale Link11 to 1544200792$263,000.00 Nov-13$5,977.27
406 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1001 to 0544197964$263,000.00 Jul-13$5,977.27
43 Tanglin Halt Rd06 to 1046197156$275,000.00 Jul-13$5,978.26
7 Jln Batu06 to 1048197055$287,000.00 Jun-13$5,979.17
990A Jurong West St 9306 to 1048200893$288,000.00 Jun-13$6,000.00
534 Bedok Nth St 311 to 1545198671$270,000.00 Mar-14$6,000.00
16 Marsiling Lane11 to 1545198469$270,000.00 Jul-13$6,000.00
406 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1001 to 0544197964$264,000.00 Mar-14$6,000.00
106 Bedok Nth Ave 406 to 1045197863$270,000.00 Mar-14$6,000.00
106 Bedok Nth Ave 401 to 0545197863$270,000.00 Aug-13$6,000.00
120 Lor 2 Toa Payoh01 to 0545196853$270,000.00 Nov-13$6,000.00
113 C'Wealth Cres06 to 1047196954$282,000.00 Apr-13$6,000.00
508 Ang Mo Kio Ave 801 to 0544198065$265,000.00 Feb-14$6,022.73
508 Ang Mo Kio Ave 801 to 0544198065$265,000.00 Jul-13$6,022.73
406 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1001 to 0544197964$265,000.00 Feb-14$6,022.73
344 Clementi Ave 506 to 1044197964$265,000.00 Mar-14$6,022.73
323 Ang Mo Kio Ave 301 to 0544197762$265,000.00 Sep-13$6,022.73
7 Jln Batu06 to 1048197055$290,000.00 Apr-13$6,041.67
174 Ang Mo Kio Ave 401 to 0545198671$272,000.00 May-13$6,044.44
541 Bedok Nth St 306 to 1045198570$272,000.00 Sep-13$6,044.44
514 Bedok Nth Ave 206 to 1045197964$272,000.00 Sep-13$6,044.44
52 Lor 6 Toa Payoh06 to 1043198368$260,000.00 Dec-13$6,046.51
46 Circuit Rd01 to 0542197156$254,000.00 Jan-14$6,047.62
161 Lor 1 Toa Payoh01 to 0541197257$248,000.00 Jul-13$6,048.78
45 Tanglin Halt Rd01 to 0546197156$278,500.00 May-13$6,054.35
82 C'Wealth Cl06 to 1046196752$279,000.00 Nov-13$6,065.22
323 Ang Mo Kio Ave 301 to 0544197762$267,000.00 Mar-14$6,068.18
40 Beo Cres06 to 1051197156$310,000.00 Dec-13$6,078.43
62 C'Wealth Dr06 to 1046198368$280,000.00 Aug-13$6,086.96
58 C'Wealth Dr06 to 1046197358$280,000.00 Sep-13$6,086.96
27 Tanglin Halt Rd06 to 1046197358$280,000.00 Apr-13$6,086.96
37 Tanglin Halt Rd06 to 1046197156$280,000.00 Nov-13$6,086.96
38 Bedok Sth Rd01 to 0544197863$268,000.00 Nov-13$6,090.91
535 Bedok Nth St 306 to 1045198671$275,000.00 Oct-13$6,111.11
514 Bedok Nth Ave 206 to 1045197964$275,000.00 Aug-13$6,111.11
120 Lor 2 Toa Payoh06 to 1045196853$275,000.00 Mar-14$6,111.11
302B Anchorvale Link01 to 0544200792$269,000.00 Jun-13$6,113.64
510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 806 to 1044198065$269,000.00 Dec-13$6,113.64
52 Lor 6 Toa Payoh01 to 0543198368$263,000.00 Oct-13$6,116.28
81 C'Wealth Cl11 to 1546196752$282,000.00 Feb-14$6,130.43
510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 801 to 0544198065$270,000.00 Jun-13$6,136.36
534 Bedok Nth St 306 to 1045198671$278,000.00 Jul-13$6,177.78
28 Jln Klinik06 to 1049196954$303,000.00 Apr-13$6,183.67
9 Jln Batu01 to 0548197055$297,000.00 Jan-14$6,187.50
46 Circuit Rd06 to 1042197156$260,000.00 Oct-13$6,190.48
620 Bedok Reservoir Rd06 to 1045198671$278,800.00 Jun-13$6,195.56
116 Ang Mo Kio Ave 411 to 1544197863$273,000.00 Nov-13$6,204.55
48 Lower Delta Rd01 to 0543197055$267,000.00 Mar-14$6,209.30
48 Lower Delta Rd01 to 0543197055$267,000.00 Jan-14$6,209.30
45 Circuit Rd01 to 0541197156$255,000.00 Nov-13$6,219.51
302B Anchorvale Link06 to 1045200792$280,000.00 Apr-13$6,222.22
541 Bedok Nth St 306 to 1045198570$280,000.00 Apr-13$6,222.22
170 Ang Mo Kio Ave 406 to 1045198671$280,500.00 May-13$6,233.33
82 C'Wealth Cl11 to 1546196752$287,000.00 Jul-13$6,239.13
510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 801 to 0544198065$275,000.00 Apr-14$6,250.00
510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 801 to 0544198065$275,000.00 May-13$6,250.00
116 Ang Mo Kio Ave 406 to 1044197863$275,000.00 May-13$6,250.00
45 Telok Blangah Dr01 to 0545197661$282,000.00 Jul-13$6,266.67
7 St. George'S Lane06 to 1045198671$283,000.00 Apr-13$6,288.89
45 Telok Blangah Dr06 to 1045197661$283,000.00 Oct-13$6,288.89
28 Jln Bt Merah01 to 0547196752$296,000.00 Jun-13$6,297.87
55 Lor 5 Toa Payoh11 to 1543196752$271,000.00 Oct-13$6,302.33
54 Lor 5 Toa Payoh11 to 1543196752$273,000.00 Apr-14$6,348.84
510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 806 to 1044198065$280,000.00 Jan-14$6,363.64
510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 806 to 1044198065$280,000.00 Sep-13$6,363.64
314 Ang Mo Kio Ave 306 to 1044197863$280,000.00 Dec-13$6,363.64
314 Ang Mo Kio Ave 301 to 0544197863$280,000.00 Oct-13$6,363.64
314 Ang Mo Kio Ave 306 to 1044197863$280,000.00 May-13$6,363.64
114 Bedok Nth St 206 to 1044197863$280,000.00 Nov-13$6,363.64
76 Telok Blangah Dr11 to 1544197863$280,000.00 Sep-13$6,363.64
120 Lor 2 Toa Payoh01 to 0540196853$255,000.00 Jan-14$6,375.00
24 Tanglin Halt Rd06 to 1046198368$293,800.00 Dec-13$6,386.96
534 Bedok Nth St 306 to 1045198671$288,000.00 Jun-13$6,400.00
6 Beach Rd11 to 1542197964$270,000.00 Feb-14$6,428.57
48 Lower Delta Rd06 to 1042197055$270,000.00 Aug-13$6,428.57
406 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1001 to 0544197964$283,000.00 Jul-13$6,431.82
8 Lor Lew Lian06 to 1044197863$283,000.00 Sep-13$6,431.82
8 Jln Batu06 to 1048197055$310,000.00 Apr-13$6,458.33
70 Circuit Rd06 to 1042196954$272,000.00 Apr-13$6,476.19
508 Ang Mo Kio Ave 806 to 1044198065$285,000.00 Apr-14$6,477.27
510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 806 to 1044198065$285,000.00 Jun-13$6,477.27
113 Bedok Nth St 201 to 0544197863$285,000.00 May-13$6,477.27
38 Bedok Sth Rd06 to 1044197863$286,000.00 Apr-13$6,500.00
48 Lower Delta Rd06 to 1043197055$280,000.00 Jul-13$6,511.63
56 Lor 4 Toa Payoh06 to 1044196752$286,888.00 Oct-13$6,520.18
55 C'Wealth Dr06 to 1046197055$300,000.00 Oct-13$6,521.74
48 Lower Delta Rd11 to 1543197055$280,800.00 May-13$6,530.23
323 Ang Mo Kio Ave 306 to 1044197762$288,000.00 Apr-13$6,545.45
120 Lor 2 Toa Payoh06 to 1045196853$295,000.00 Jan-14$6,555.56
48 Lower Delta Rd06 to 1043197055$283,000.00 May-13$6,581.40
18 Ghim Moh Rd06 to 1045197762$298,000.00 Dec-13$6,622.22
45 Telok Blangah Dr01 to 0545197661$298,000.00 Apr-13$6,622.22
48 Lower Delta Rd11 to 1543197055$288,000.00 Jan-14$6,697.67
323 Ang Mo Kio Ave 311 to 1544197762$295,000.00 Oct-13$6,704.55
65 C'Wealth Dr06 to 1042196954$282,000.00 May-13$6,714.29
172 Ang Mo Kio Ave 406 to 1045198671$305,000.00 Jul-13$6,777.78
48 Lower Delta Rd11 to 1542197055$285,000.00 Nov-13$6,785.71
45 Telok Blangah Dr01 to 0545197661$307,000.00 Jun-13$6,822.22
9 Selegie Rd06 to 1045197459$307,000.00 Sep-13$6,822.22
34 Jln Bt Ho Swee06 to 1051197156$350,000.00 Aug-13$6,862.75
56 Lor 4 Toa Payoh06 to 1045196752$310,000.00 May-13$6,888.89
48 Lower Delta Rd11 to 1542197055$290,000.00 May-13$6,904.76
805 King George'S Ave11 to 1544198166$305,000.00 Apr-13$6,931.82
32 New Mkt Rd06 to 1052198368$363,000.00 Sep-13$6,980.77
8 Selegie Rd06 to 1041197459$292,000.00 Nov-13$7,121.95
160 Lor 1 Toa Payoh06 to 1041197257$295,000.00 Apr-13$7,195.12
120 Lor 2 Toa Payoh01 to 0538196853$273,500.00 Sep-13$7,197.37
120 Lor 2 Toa Payoh01 to 0538196853$275,000.00 May-13$7,236.84
48 Lower Delta Rd11 to 1543197055$312,000.00 Jun-13$7,255.81
2 Jln Bt Ho Swee01 to 0534197156$262,000.00 Apr-14$7,705.88
2 Jln Bt Ho Swee06 to 1034197156$263,000.00 Jun-13$7,735.29
2 Jln Bt Ho Swee01 to 0534197156$278,000.00 Sep-13$8,176.47