04 April 2014

KNN Polyclinic Consultation $41.70

This morning accompany my wife to Tampines Polyclinic, reached there at 10.32am, took a queue number and went to the registration area, quite packed but still have some seats, waited 1 hour just for the registration, they have 11 counters, only 5 or 6 open, 2 staff busy chatting with each other, 30 minutes later, only 4 open, out of these 4, only 3 working, one counter don't know doing what.

Finally at 11.32am, we got registered, next we move on to the consultation room at level 2, waited another 1 hour to see the doctor, then do the INR, took about 5 minutes since no people at the lab, then see the doctor again, then finally collect medicine, pay money and left the place at 1.32am, took exactly 3 hours. Damn siong, 3 hours just to take 2 weeks medicine, and 2 weeks later have to come back again because wife's INR reading too low at 1.3, normal should be between 2 to 3, best is 2.5.

But at least today the doctor was nice, it was a young male doctor, about my age I guess, sounded a bit in a rush at first but after that was alright. I find that the healthcare workers here don't smile, they just want to get it over and done with, the only nice people are the pharmacists, they take their time to explain the medications and answer your questions, and the staff nurses are also very friendly, worst are the clerks and doctors, damn jia lat, face like people owe them money, talk also not friendly, must send them for customer service training, somemore the consultation so expensive.

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