14 April 2014

Resale First Appointment Cleared!

Today reached HDB Hub at around 8.30am, went for a quick breakfast at Mr. Bean, the bee hoon not bad, then registered together with the seller, the lady called our number and she did a quick check on our documents, then at about 9.40am, we were called in to the room, the officer processed our loan application, HPS and I signed a bunch of documents, we also fixed the completion date on 26 May which is 6 weeks later. My wife also have to sign to confirm that she does not own any private property here or overseas, also to confirm she is only listed as an occupier because she is not a PR.

So now I have the loan details, will loan $158,500 from HDB, every month pay $721 via CPF for the first 4 years or so, after that all pay by cash, not so bad, still manageable. Oh and every year have to pay $149.62 for the HPS, can deduct by CPF OA, and every 5 years have to pay $3.10 for fire insurance, think this one pay by cash. Now we just have to wait for the approval letter from HDB, then next is the completion appointment.


Anonymous said...

Did they ask you to bring along document showing proof of sale of oversea property on first appt?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


Me and wife didn't own any property overseas, in fact this is our first property purchase.

But at the first appointment, we were required to sign a form to declare that we didn't own or dispose of any property here or overseas.