25 April 2014

Sigh, Wife's PR Still Pending

Today I checked again and it's still pending, it's already more than 6 months and I wonder how long more do we have to wait, I read in forums some people waited for 7 or 9 months! But I think ICA guys are really busy, so many foreigners so many applications of course they will take forever to process. I also read somewhere that they receive a few hundred thousand PR applications a year! I wonder they manage, do they have a team of people going through each application one by one?

I really hope one day I get to work on their system so I know how they process PR applications. Actually if they have a list of criteria, why not just use a software to run through every application, wouldn't it save time? Sigh, I can only guess, sometimes I feel that ICA is like a secret organization, everything so secretive, why be so afraid of people manipulating the system when ultimately they are the authority and they can reject an application if they find it to be manipulating the system?


Unknown said...

need some advise here by anyone who has had experience ...

I just submitted PR application for my wife on 2 May. However, only yesterday we found out she was pregnant.

anyway to input this info into the PR application to give it more weight ?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

The only thing I can think of is check with ICA, but I have a feeling that they won't be helpful about this...

Unknown said...

sent them an email .... but i am also guessing wont do much help coz the application already submitted ... but just wait for their reply lor ...

headache said...

Good day to you.

Hope everything will be successful for your wife's PR application.

I will be getting married soon with a Thai. We will be proceeding with the ROM at the end of this year.

Just a brief introduction

Salary about 40K per year.
Working for govt sector for 3 years.

Wife to be:
Holding a degree with honors in Bangkok uni

As my wife is suffering from hyperthyroidism. She needs to go for doctor monthly consultation to monitor her medical condition.

Therefore, I am planning to get the LTVP+ or PR for her once after our ROM. Else, paying the medical fee as a non PR or SC is rather expensive. It will cost up to $150+ for every visit to the polyclinic.

But after reading your stories chances of applying for PR are rather slim, which makes me feel very demoralize.

Do you have any advice to give while submit those supporting documents?

Thank you.


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