07 April 2014

Super Hot and Sunny These Few Days

My room thermometer shows 31 degrees celsius, Google shows 33 degrees, really hot, the sun light is piercing and makes me sweat all over, and these few days got to travel outside, sigh, got several places to run, but not bad, at least I don't have to sit and face the computer all the time, only problem is the hot sun, must drink plenty of water to keep myself hydrated.

I noticed that our weather is getting hotter, did we used to have 33 degrees in Singapore? I remember the hottest was 31 or 32, is it getting hotter now? Global warming? I hope our great scientists have a solution to this problem, imagine one day Singapore becomes as hot as Thailand or India. I remember when I was at my wife's hometown, the weather there is about 39 degrees and it's normal for them, heard they can even go up to 40+, but night time is very cold, no need aircon.

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