15 May 2014

Want to Buy Daikin Aircon for My Resale Flat

Daikin is a bit more expensive but I think it's worth it, best of all they have their own servicing team, better to let the real experts handle my aircon but problem is they don't sell directly so I can only buy from dealers, so now I'm not sure which dealer is good, if you have experience please share with me.

Currently my parents are using Sharp, it's not bad but the compressor seems to be getting noisier, my wall mounted unit used to be noisy, I think the guys who cleaned my aircon didn't put it back properly, I took out the casing and put it back and now it's quiet. Another thing with Sharp is they don't have their own servicing team, I really prefer people from the manufacturing company to service my aircon, who else knows their system better.


Anonymous said...

The daikin (4units) which i installed when i first moved into my flat 18years ago and is still working but compressor is slightly noisy. Manufactured in japan i think. The aircon service guy says nowadays quality are not like what it used to be. If my aircon konks in future i guess i will either go for daikin or mitshubishi. The advert fr mitshubishi says easy access to clean the fan coil which is what i like as my current model doesnt hv easy access. Hope this helps.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


Thanks for the info! I also think either Daikin or Mitsubishi would be good, think I will also check out Mitsubishi.

Anonymous said...

Oh 1 other point. U may want to check how much these 2 manufacturer charge fr their service. Sometime they sell low but whack consumer on services n spares. Whichever model if made in japan is best.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks for the tips, I not sure about mitsubishi, can't find their rates online but daikin servicing rates seems a bit more costly, but I think still acceptable because they are the experts: