15 June 2014

My Wife Sold Her Pink Bicycle for $130

We bought for $165 if I remember correctly, and also bought an air pump for $20+, the bicycle lock for $10 or $15, sold everything for $130. I think the condition is still good because my wife rarely used it, furthermore when we move to the new place, I don't think she will use it at all because our new place is quite hilly, nobody cycles there. My wife asked my father to help send it, she paid him $30 for the delivery, actually it's quite on the way for my father so I think $30 is still reasonable, so finally she got back $100, not bad.

My wife sold it to a Thai friend she met on Facebook, there is a page on Facebook for Thai people living in Singapore, they share job info, sell stuff and make friends, it's like a Thai social circle in Singapore. She met quite a few friends there, all married to Singaporean guys, all couples like us, actually quite interesting to know there are so many couples like us and I think it's good for my wife to make friends with them, they can help each other out if need be, and she won't feel bored when I am working, they even went out a few times together.


Anonymous said...

May I know what is this facebook page? I wish for my wife to find new friends too. Currently, she hangs out at www.singtip.com

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

If I remember correctly it's called "Thai Find Job in Singapore", you have to search for the page from inside Facebook.