02 June 2014

Roy Ngerng Managed to Raise $72,043.91


Wow, in a span of 4 days he managed to raise that much money for his coming court case, can see that there plenty of people who believes in what he fights for, but thing is defamation and speaking up for the people are two different things, I appreciate that he speaks up for everyone, but I do not condone defamation, and also I have no idea how Mr. Ravi is going to help him, I really think he should just let the case run its course without spending any money on legal defense, kind of pointless since the odds are stacked against him.

And he has my respect for publishing all the transactions of the funds that he received from the public, that is very responsible of him, I really like that, where else can you find such transparency?

Thinking again, our Mr. Lee really don't give face, aiyah why have to go so far to even bring it to the court, Roy is just an ordinary citizen like you and me, just think, how can we stand a chance? For a leader to sue an ordinary citizen is just mind-boggling, I know Mr. Lee is suing Roy by his personal capacity but who doesn't know Mr. Lee is our PM Lee? I respect our PM but this is just ridiculous, I'm not saying he should not stand up for himself, everyone has the right to stand up for himself, but he should have been more tactful when handling this issue, yes Roy wrote something that is too offending to brush aside, but why not ask him out and find out from him on why he wrote that, wouldn't that show how magnanimous our PM is? If you are a boss and your staff do something wrong, do you fire him on the spot (or later)? What happened to empathy? What happened to our kindness movement and all that crap? Sigh. No wonder our culture is getting worse, even our leader shows the kind of "You f*** with me I make sure you jia lat jia lat" kind of attitude.

I didn't donate but I wish Roy the best, I just don't want to waste the money because I really think there is nothing much to fight, I might as well donate to the tissue auntie right, $50 or even $10 means a lot to her.

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Anonymous said...

I see that you do not condone defamation. But this is not a simple case of defamation. Do you see Obama or Cameron going around suing others for defamation? The difference here is PM is a political figure and criticisms against him and his policies are normal in a democracy. Similarly Obama has to publicize all his assets so people don't accuse him of favoritism. The reason defamation is possible in Singapore is that PAP made the laws that made it possible. So for a PM to bring a defamation against a ordinary citizen is a no-no in a first world country. Singaporeans are not exposed to democratic principles and ideas because they have been conditioned by the PAP. Have a great day!