10 June 2014

Signed Up for Starhub 100Mbps Fibre Broadband @ $39.90

Signed for my new home, my existing fibre and cable TV plan will transfer to my father, fortunately he is willing to take over since him and my mother are using so no need for me to transfer over to new home, that will be damn costly, few hundred bucks just to shift the service over, I sign up for new plan they provide everything for free, install the termination point (previous owner didn't take the free installation offer, puzzling right, free also don't want), activation, install router, even give me 16 free cable TV channels and a home line, but I told them to cancel the home line, totally no use to us.

So for those of you already on contract, please see whether you can transfer ownership to your family member before moving, you can do that, just need that person to go down with you to any Starhub shop to do the transfer so you can sign up for a new one, no need to shift the service to new place, they will charge you ridiculous amount of money for that.

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