25 June 2014

Time to Pay Income Tax Again!

Basket, this year tax so much, $493.48, sigh, last year still have 30% discount, this year no discount, NSman have $3000 relief, should give more, every year waste my time only relief so little bit, sigh, still have 3 more high-keys to go. This NS really nothing good to say about it, I wonder why some people love it so much, me, I do it because I have to do it, not because of anything else, it's that simple, if you ask me whether I like it or not, obviously I don't like it, if you ask me if I can choose not to do it or not, of course I won't do it, let the garang ones do it since they love it so much, but I bet you that if NS is by choice, then those garang people won't do it too, it' easy to say, when you do it haha, it's another story, just like how our fellow females say NS is good and bla bla bla but when asked if they would do it they say no LOL, talk is cheap.

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