7 in 10 NSmen in 30s Fail IPPT


According to the expert, most people fail at chin-ups, standing broad jump and 2.4KM run. Sit-up I think most people can pass, even plump people should have no problem because most people have ab muscles, just that cannot be seen unless you are very skinny or ripped, as for shuttle run, also most people can pass unless you leg pain or else very hard to fail.


Actually this one not difficult, should be the easiest to maintain, all you need to do is go buy those doorway chin-up bar, mount it up, pull everyday, starting cannot even do one never mind, everyday keep trying, do until you can hit one good chin-up or pull-up, but you got to have a moving target though, cannot just say today aim for one, one year later still aim for one, like that forever fail. Try one week aim for one, ten weeks aim for 10, it's possible, all you need to do is put aside 10 minutes everyday and just whack, do until your arm cramp.

Standing broad jump

A lot of people think you need pure "leg power" to pass, actually not true, I have one army friend who gyms a lot, he does a lot of squats, leg power he sure more powerful than me but he always fail at standing broad jump. It's more of a combination of leg strength and flexibility, your legs need to have the strength to propel you far, and your legs need to be flexible enough to pull as close to your chest as possible, your feet reach in front as much as possible to achieve maximum distance. This one you need to do squats to improve your jumping power, and you need to do leg stretch to loosen your leg so it's not that rigid. And of course it would be helpful if you are not bulky or fat.

2.4KM run

The best way to train is simply to run 2.4KM, at least once a week, make sure you are tired after each run, if you still have energy to sprint immediately after the run, then you are conserving too much energy, the trick is to distribute your energy so you can run at a consistent pace, I call it optimal speed, but in the first place, you need to build up your stamina, just keep running 2.4KM, eventually you will figure out how you should allocate your energy, man is built for running, we have been running since ancient times, just that urbanization made a lot of people forget how they should run.

But ultimately no matter what tips or tricks I give, the onus is still on you to show yourself the determination to pass.


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