Back Breaking Day

I spent the whole day finishing up with the painting, I can't say it's 100% complete but I'm just too damn tired to continue, some spots that are not so obvious I don't bother anymore, most important is the overall feel is okay which I think we have reached that level. So tomorrow we can finally commence with the washing of living room and kitchen, once that is done, the house will then be comfortable.

And today my father came to install the stove, tomorrow can order the gas, finally can cook, everyday eat out also sian, get my wife to cook me hash brown, eggs and hot dogs, oh today we went to eat at IKEA, morning is the best time to go because it's not so crowded, their breakfast was really good, they have a very different system to get the food, no need to order, just queue up, grab whatever you like and put on my trolley and pay at the end of the food line, anyway I grabbed the french toast with hot dog and baked beans, croissant with tuna, shrimp sandwich, 2 pieces of fried chicken wings, chocolate and butterscotch cake and 2 Sunkist orange juice, all for $16.80, eat until full and not so expensive, the same meal elsewhere in a restaurant will probably cost $30 or $40+, no wonder always so many people eating there, plus the food is fresh and tasty.


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