11 July 2014

Bought My First Item from Qoo10

My father didn't manage to remove the chin-up bar from my old room, he said it's too tight, I think it's because when I installed it I turned it too hard to make sure it doesn't give way. And now that I think of it, I have been using that bar for almost 10 years, too bad I can't bring it to my new home, but never mind, I have ordered a new one from Qoo10, can't remember how much I paid for my old one but this new one seems to be the cheapest I can find online. The bar itself is only $9.90 (after discounts), delivery is $3.99 so total is $13.89, not bad right.

There are also other fancy looking bars and they only cost a little bit more but to me a chin-up bar is just for exercise, whack and move on, no need to look cool or what and I'm doing it at home so who cares, just get the cheapest will do as long as it serves my purpose, anyway a chrome one also look nice.

Now the status is On Request, I think it means the buy order has been sent to seller, now I just need to wait for seller to send.

After Payment

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